Mark Zuckerberg does not rule out more staff cuts in Meta after the massive dismissal of 11,000 employees

After the dismissal of 11,000 people from Metathe company does not rule out that the restructuring has ended and there will be more staff departures.

This is the message announced on Friday by the CEO and founder of the company, mark zuckerbergas part of a meeting with all the company’s employees.

During the meeting, he and other top executives answered questions from their staff after carrying out a massive and historic dismissal earlier in the week.

Meta employees are shocked and angry after Mark Zuckerberg has fired 11,000 workers: it is not yet clear who has passed the sieve

During the question and answer part, an employee raised the question of whether the remaining employees could be affected and be the prelude to new layoffs.

According to attendees, Zuckerberg responded that while the company has no plans to make any more layoffs in the coming weeks, “nothing can be promised.”

These layoffs represent the largest reorganization in the history of Facebookwhich was renamed Meta last year.

The 11,000 layoffs have left current and former Meta employees shocked, confused and angry. The magnitude of the decision is evidenced in that the decision implies the elimination of 13% of the workforce.

But Zuckerberg’s announcement did not come alone, the mass layoff also follows a hiring freeze until the first quarter of 2023.

Although at first, it was not clear which divisions have been most affected by the personnel cut, one of the Meta executives clarified, according to Reutersthat 54% of the dismissals had affected staff with commercial functions within the company.

“I want to take responsibility for these decisions and how we got here,” Zuckerberg said in a statement. post earlier this week. “I know this is hard for everyone, and I feel especially sorry for those affected,” she continued.

During the preparation of this information, Meta has not responded to questions from Business Insider regarding the meeting with workers this Friday.

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Mark Zuckerberg does not rule out more staff cuts in Meta after the massive dismissal of 11,000 employees