Mark Zuckerberg does not rule out more layoffs in Meta, but promises to think about them more than Elon Musk with Twitter

Meta laid off 11,000 employees last weeka drastic and massive measure but does not rule out the possibility of additional layoffs in the future.

That was the message being conveyed on Friday when CEO and founder, Mark Zuckerberg organized a meeting with employees from across the companyin which he and other top executives answered questions after the historic layoffs earlier in the week.

During the question-and-answer round of the meeting, an employee asked if the remaining employees should expect more layoffs, according to people who attended the meeting. Zuckerberg responded by assuring that, although the company has no plans to make more layoffs in the coming weeks, cannot “promise anything”according to one of the people.

This week’s layoffs are the biggest reorganization in the history of Facebook, which was renamed Meta last year.

The 11,000 job cuts left current and former Meta employees shocked, confused and increasingly angry. About 13% of the company’s workforce was eliminatedand Zuckerberg said Wednesday that Meta would also extend a hiring freeze until the first quarter of 2023.

A Meta executive stated during Friday’s meeting that 54% of Wednesday’s layoffs had affected business functions in the company, as reported Reuters.

Who is losing money with the fall in the stock market of Facebook after Zuckerberg’s bet on the metaverse?

I want to take responsibility for these decisions and how we got here”, as Zuckerberg assured in a statement earlier this week. “I know this is hard on everyone, and I feel especially sorry for those affected,” she added.

Meta did not respond to a request for comment from Business Insider about your meeting on Friday.

Zuckerberg doesn’t want to be like Elon Musk

In the meeting with employees on Friday, Zuckerberg also spent some of his time talking about another mass layoff: that of Elon Musk on Twitter. The CEO of Meta believes that at least it comes out well in the comparison.

Telling workers they’re out of work is never easy, and the 2 tech giants slashed almost 15,000 employees between them in the last week.

Musk laid off about 3,700 Twitter workers via unsigned email, after putting many employees to work for most of the previous weekend. Zuckerberg issued a statement signed staff explaining their decision to cut 11,000 jobs in Meta and taking responsibility by over-contracting during the previous boom period.

On Friday, during the meeting between Meta workers, its CEO and the rest of the board, an employee asked a question about the Twitter layoffs and Zuckerberg intervened, according to attendees.

The CEO replied that companies approach redundancies differently and that it is important to do so thoughtfully. Musk just took over Twitter and it’s clear he didn’t have time to plan it as carefully as many other companies, including Meta, did, Zuckerberg added, according to attendees.

Chaos can ensue when layoffs are not thought through carefullyZuckerberg continued, while acknowledging that even if companies are thoughtful, there is no good way to answer certain questions.

The employees asked not to be identified when sharing sensitive information. Meta’s press office did not respond to an email seeking comment Friday.

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Mark Zuckerberg does not rule out more layoffs in Meta, but promises to think about them more than Elon Musk with Twitter