Mark Zuckerberg does not believe that “normal people” want to use chips in the brain, like those of Neuralink

mark zuckerberg believes that “normal people” will not want to use chips in the brain in the future. The billionaire pointed out that we will probably have another type of communication using the most important organ of the body, without the need to implant a device in it.

Normal people, in the next 10 or 15 years, probably don’t want to have something installed in their brain. for fun”, says Zuckerberg, during his interview on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, clearly alluding to what Elon Musk is developing Neuralink.

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Nevertheless, He did not rule out that this type of technology will be important for people who have had injuries. Neuralink has not yet started human testing, but as early as 2021 it was working on the first use of its chip that would allow quadriplegic people to control a pointer on a screen, using only their mind. Despite the public declaration, these processes can take many years of testing.

Elon Musk shows the progress of Neuralink in 2020. / AFP

On the other hand, Zuckerberg did indicate that he imagines how we will use technology in the metaverse. For the co-founder of Facebook, the best thing is to have a portable device that picks up signals from the brain, which, according to him, can be detected throughout the body.

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We have additional motor neurons in our body, which are the brain cells that communicate commands from the brain to the muscles in your body. People will be able to communicate brain signals to devices through small movements. turns out you can have a device on your wrist and communicate with the brain through the hand”, indicates Zuckerberg in the interview.

Thus, with a movement we can send the message we want. “You can be sitting in a meeting and have your wife send you a text, which will appear on the corner of your glasses. You’ll want to answer, but without taking out your phone so you don’t seem rude, so you will move your wrist a little, in a very discreet way so that nobody finds out, and you will send the message”, he adds.

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Mark Zuckerberg does not believe that “normal people” want to use chips in the brain, like those of Neuralink