Mark Zuckerberg Confirms NFTs Will Eventually Come to Facebook and Instagram

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Zuckerberg’s statements confirm what was an open secret for months, and although he does not offer a tentative date, he does confirm that the NFT they will arrive at Facebook and Instagram later.


The founder and CEO of Goal, Mark Zuckerberg confirmed on Tuesday that non-fungible tokens, better known as NFT, will officially arrive on Instagram in the not too distant future.

Zuckerberg confirmed that NFT’s they will arrive at Instagram and Facebook

The announcement in question took place during the event SXSW, which takes place annually in the city of Texas and will take place until March 20. There Zuckerberg spoke again on the subject during a conference, and confirmed that Meta is working on it to make it possible, although she did not give more details or present an estimated date.

What Zuckerberg did mention is that it will be possible for users of Instagram and Facebook can coin the clothes of their digital avatars in the form of NFTs, but it also indicated that there was much to be done before this was finally possible.

With this announcement, the CEO of Meta officially confirmed the reports issued at the end of January of this year. At the time, two people familiar with the matter spoke to the media, reporting that the company was exploring the possibility of making it easier for users of Facebook and Instagram create and trade NFT within apps. The social media company would also be working to allow users to display their NFT collections on their profiles on those platforms.

But the first rumors about it emerged in the middle of last year, this when the mobile developer, Alessandro Paluzzi, shared in Twitter some screenshots where it was seen that Instagram I was working on a new feature under the tag “Collectable

Now for the NFT, but before it was diem

The interest in NFT by Facebook were much more evident from the moment the company changed its brand name and was renamed Goal, a clear statement of intent about his plans to head headlong into the metaverse.

Prior to this, Zuckerberg originally intended to launch a payment system based on his own cryptocurrency in 2019, Libra. The project faced a large number of regulatory problems and despite having changed its brand to be called diem, the project had to close its doors because its launch was not feasible.

At the time there was great expectation about its launch, but several of the founding members of the so-called Libra Association They abandoned the project a few months after its announcement, especially after pressure from US senators.

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Mark Zuckerberg Confirms NFTs Will Eventually Come to Facebook and Instagram