Mark Zuckerberg claims Facebook employees refer to him as “the eye of Sauron”

Meta’s CEO makes juicy headlines again on Tim Ferriss’s podcast.

The number of ways be informed of the technological news It is overwhelming in our time. you can consult websitesread the newspapers more traditional, turn on the televisiongo to channels of Youtubeknow the opinion of experts in podcastlisten to the radio and surely there are still ways that we have not described. mark zuckerbergnormally sparing in words, has left one of the headlines of the year and we tell you everything that his participation in the Tim Ferriss Podcast.

One CEO to rule them all and bind them in the darkness of Meta

JRR Tolkien’s work is one of the greatest fantastic novels in our history. So much so, that he has inspired more than a generation already one of the most powerful men in the innovation sector. mark zuckerbergin his usual tone, commented on the video that we leave you under these lines, you can advance to the minute 19:52how their workers They usually refer to him as Sauron’s eye. This nickname has come up in the Energy with which face the different Projects in Meta and how sometimes their drive to put all their energy into one task causes some workers to burn out too quickly.

The interview it does not have any kind of waste, it lasts hour and halfand in it matters are discussed that could be of interest to many of those who regularly read us, such as the hackneyed metaversehis passion for the novel Ender’s Game and the Science fiction Generally speaking, the future plans of the company and values that move Meta to achieve ambitious goals. In his own words mark zuckerberg about future of the technology company:

The roadmap in virtual reality is long in time. Realistically, it would take 15 years for us to have a virtual presence like we want, for people to feel like they’re physically with someone else. However, working on such a long-term project creates a lot of engineering problems and a lot of unknowns along the way.

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Mark Zuckerberg claims Facebook employees refer to him as “the eye of Sauron”