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Mark Zuckerberg shared footage from a recent wakeboarding excursion on Instagram Reels on Saturday, setting up the clip of him riding the waves to Glass Animals’ “Heat Waves.” Wow, Zuck, very meta!

Weaving back and forth through the ship’s wake throughout the clip, the Meta CEO captioned the post “Some Saturday shifts.”

The tech giant initially holds on to a rope attached to the ship that pulls it across the surface of the water, gaining momentum until it finally drops the cable and continues forward on its own.

Barely a minute long, the video ends with the Facebook founder still triumphantly gliding, his speed barely slowing as he balances on the board and thus denying Reel viewers seeing him gradually slow down enough. enough to deposit his multi-million dollar cargo. in the surrounding lake.

Mark Zuckerberg held on to a rope during the first part of the video. Instagram/@zuck

The location, similar to the backdrop of a video posted on July 4, 2021 showing Zuckerberg on an electronic surfboard and wielding an American flag, is suspected to be Lake Tahoe, in which the executive purchased property. expanding in 2018.

The Zuck finally let go of the rope, taking advantage of the boat’s forward momentum to continue gliding over the water. Instagram/@zuck

Zuckerberg embarked on the aquatic excursion after weathering another tense week in Meta, which, in contrast to his many flawlessly completed “turns” such as those captured on his latest wakeboard wave, has slumped of late, with his stocks falling. more than 52% from the beginning. of the year, according to the Washington Post.


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Mark Zuckerberg catches some waves while wakeboarding – Home