Mark Zuckerberg believes that in 5 years we could have work meetings with holograms in the metaverse

mark zuckerberg has made a prediction: the Work meetings with holographic avatars will be a reality in the next 5 years.

In an interview for the podcast of ben thompson, Stratechery, the CEO of Meta explained the possibilities of the metaverse. “There is nothing in the next 5 years that will prevent us from having this conversation with augmented reality glasses, as if you were still in Taiwan, but your hologram was here, at the Meta headquarters,” he assured.

Zuckerberg added: “I can have a kind of 3D model of a device and hand it to you, so it’s not just a video call, it’s like we can interact with things around it, it will be compelling.”

In the interview, the CEO of Meta pointed out that work meetings mean “a human connectionAnd that these will become important in virtual and augmented reality environments. Zuckerberg said he wants to build interactive experiences in the metaverse that help foster those connections.

Meta will launch in October the quest-prohis first device related to the metaverse since Zuckerberg announced his intention to develop this technology in October 2021. The entrepreneur’s ultimate goal is to build an immersive virtual environment that encompasses personal and professional reality.

Meta introduces its high-end mixed reality viewer: Meta Quest Pro is more compact and overlays virtual content on the real world

The Meta Quest Pro will be sold in the United States from next October 25 by $1,499 (about 1,540 euros). The device has been developed with the aim of promoting “collaboration, creativity and carrying out all kinds of tasks”. In other words, it is a mixed reality viewer designed for both work and leisure.

Zuckerberg claimed that, ultimately, interpersonal connections are at the epicenter of everything Meta has been building in recent years.

“To offer the feeling of contact with another person It is the maximum expression of the type of service that we have been building for more than 18 years,” Zuckerberg said during the interview.

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Mark Zuckerberg believes that in 5 years we could have work meetings with holograms in the metaverse