Mark Zuckerberg announces that Horizon Worlds avatars will finally have legs

The Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse It has been harshly criticized by many users since it was created, as they consider that it is not that well developed, despite the fact that Meta has invested billions of dollars in it.

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During Meta Connectthe conference in which the company that owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp presents its novelties, Zuckerberg announced that one of the most recurrent requests from users of Horizon Worlds has been treated and the avatars will already have legs.

The owner and founder of Goal explained that placing the limbs is not an easy task on the immersion platforms: “Seriously, the legs are difficult, that’s why other systems of virtual reality They don’t have any either,” he said.

In order to incorporate them into the virtual world, the company’s engineers built a model of artificial intelligence (AI) able to predict the position of the entire body of an avatar, so it will not matter if an object covers the legs.

In this way, Meta is following in the footsteps of Wii Sportswhich, at the time, left behind the avatars that floated on its torso and gave them legs to achieve a more realistic look.

During the event, the company also presented new avatars, with a much more elaborate appearance than those currently in the metaverse, as well as immersive lenses. Meta Quest Pro.

The Meta Employees: Forced to Use the Metaverse

In recent days, various media outlets have released reports indicating that Meta employees are not as enthusiastic as Zuckerberg about Horizon Worlds and the metaverse.

There are rumors that workers have been pressured by their superiors for not spending enough time in the virtual world, even though it is an “indispensable part of their job”.

According to a report by TheVergeMeta managers have required supporters to use Horizon Worlds for at least a week.

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Mark Zuckerberg announces that Horizon Worlds avatars will finally have legs