Mark Zuckerberg and his former Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg, face a new interrogation of up to 6 hours for the Cambridge Analytica scandal

The Cambridge Analytica scandal erupted almost 4 years ago, but its effects are not over yet. Just a few weeks ago it was learned that a Washington prosecutor had just filed a lawsuit related to the case in whiche personally pointed to the CEO and founder of Facebookcompany now known as Meta: Mark Zuckerberg.

This Zuckerberg, meanwhile, continues to respond in forums of various kinds for the events that happened before the 2016 US elections. A former employee of the British consulting firm Cambridge Analytica, now defunct, revealed in the media that they had managed to extract data on tastes of up to 87 million users to offer them to the Republican Party.

Now, the CEO and founder of the technological multinational is preparing to defend himself once more. It will be in a California court and in a matter of weeks, in a procedure that started in 2018. He will undergo a six-hour interrogation. His Chief of Operations, Sheryl Sandberg, will also appear for an interrogation of up to 5 hours, get moving Bloomberg.

But since Sandberg submitted his resignation a few weeks ago, he will also be replaced in the procedure by Zuckerberg’s new number two, the Spanish Javier Oliván.

One of the first consequences of the scandal in which Cambridge Analytica obtained illegal access to the data of millions of users was a fine of 5,000 million dollars to the multinational, filed by the Federal Trade Commission, the market regulator In U.S.A. However, some analyzes already raised the ineffectiveness of the sanction years ago.

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But many of these procedures have not ended, and Meta, in case of losing this case in the Californian courts, could face another multimillion-dollar fine.

The scandal began in 2018, when it emerged that former US President Donald Trump’s election campaign profited from the illicit collection of personal data and likes from initially 300,000 users of the platform, and later, from their friends connected on the platform.

The lawsuits that were then filed against both the British consultant and the social network itself were made on behalf of all those affected. Zuckerberg came to appear in the US Senate, before which he apologized. From then on, a question-and-answer exchange between a Democratic senator and Zuckerberg himself is recalled. One of them was this:

Zuckerberg, would you feel comfortable if I asked what hotel you stayed in last night?

“No, senator. I would probably prefer not to make this public here.

The procedure that has now started by the Washington prosecutor understands that Zuckerberg had much more to do with the scandal than was initially elucidated. The suit takes into account Zuckerberg’s “unprecedented level of control over Facebook’s operations.”

In fact, that writing recalled that the founder of the company controls almost 60% of the company’s voting shares. In other words, he understands that on Facebook nothing is done or left undone without Zuckerberg’s approval.

The lawsuit argues, therefore, that the Cambridge Analytica scandal was a direct consequence of Zuckerberg’s idea to open the platform’s use of data to third parties. He also alleges that he was aware of the potential harm that sharing consumer data could cause, but failed to act on it.

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Mark Zuckerberg and his former Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg, face a new interrogation of up to 6 hours for the Cambridge Analytica scandal