Like TikTok: Facebook has its “For you page”

mark zuckerbergCEO of Meta and founder of Facebook, announced an exclusive tab called feedswhere content of interest to the user can be selected, it will be displayed “separately and in chronological order”.

In fact, it will work like TikTok that has the “For you page” and where you can see content from users we don’t follow.

ANDn the “Home” tab you will see platform suggestions based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms (IA), although many users criticize that they only see sponsored posts and suggested pages and that they even have nothing to do with their tastes. We tell you more.

Two different tabs: Home and Feeds

Apparently, it is a strategy of the social network so that users diversify their connections and discover other entertainment content.

When you open the platform, from the application or the web version, you will first see the Home, where multiple suggested contents will appear.

According to the company, this classified experience is based on “AI to improve the delivery of recommended content.”

From Home you can access Feeds to see those pages, groups and friends that you have selected as favorites.

“The app will still open in a custom feed on the Home tab, where our discovery engine will recommend the content we think you’ll be most interested in. But the Feeds tab will give you a way to further customize and control your experience”, explains Zuckerberg from his profile.

The social network duplicates its algorithm to offer discoveries and information from friends in different tabs. (Photo: Facebook)

New feature details

At the moment, only some people will see Feeds as a tab in their shortcut bar; on iOS, this bar is at the bottom of the app, and on Android, it’s at the top. Starting next week it will be implemented globally.

Top tabs with shortcuts will be positioned based on the parts of the app you use the most, but you can also pin custom tabs.

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Like TikTok: Facebook has its “For you page”