Leonardo DiCaprio “conquers” the girlfriend of Jeff Bezos and thus responds

Jeff Bezos jokingly threatened actor Leonardo DiCaprio after a video of Bezos’s wife “captivated” went viral. Photo: AFP.

Jeff Bezos jokingly threatened to the actor Leonardo Dicaprio after a video in which Bezos’s wife appears “captivated” by the artist went viral.

Lauren Sánchez and Jeff Bezos attended last Saturday the 2021 LACMA Art + Film gala, whose co-chair is DiCaprio himself, an event that was held to honor American painters Amy Sherald and Kehinde Wiley, as well as Steven Spielberg.

In the clip that went viral on social networks, you can see the founder of Amazon and his partner talking with one of the most important stars in Hollywood; However, during the talk, Lauren seems to be completely enthralled.

In the pictures, Lauren is seen putting her arm around the “Titanic” star, who smiles, while Bezos stands next to her.

So far, the video has more than 18 million views and lots of funny comments from users who said that “Leo is quite a flirt.”

Another joking tweet read the following: “Find someone to look at you the way Jeff Bezos’s girlfriend looks at Leo DiCaprio”.

Jeff Bezos joins the social media jokes and “threatens” Leonardo DiCaprio

Before the jokes of millions of users in social networks for the supposed “flirtation” between Leonardo DiCaprio and the couple of Jeff Bezos, the billionaire joined the joke and “Threatened” to the actor.

Through a tweet that he placed on his social networks, the businessman dedicated these words to DiCaprio:

“Leo, come here, I want to show you something”he wrote on Twitter.

In the image, Jeff shows his muscular body, while holding a sign that says: “Steep cliff, fatal drop”.

The message caused a lot of grace among the followers who said “You didn’t have to worry, as he is the second richest man in the world.”

While others reminded the businessman that the Hollywood celebrity likes to date women under 25 and Sánchez is already 51.

Bezos and Sánchez They have been a couple for two years; the news was made public after it was released the end of his marriage to his ex-wife MacKenzie, after 25 years together.

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Leonardo DiCaprio “conquers” the girlfriend of Jeff Bezos and thus responds