Lemon & vinegar | Mark Zuckerberg: Fallen one step from the Goal

“I like being questioned,” he challenged. mark zuckerberg to his interviewer a month ago, clad in the green NATO shirt of Zelensky and with the same air of the optimist besieged by villains.

Do you like to be hated?

-Questioning is not the same as hate.

The creator of Facebook, or of “Fishbull” in the very apt transposition of bethlehem esteban, was lying or delirious in that conversation. His shirt didn’t quite reach his body, and not just because muscles delicately toned by a personal trainer define the new global titans, with the same exactitude that Havana cigars define the original robber barons already Michael Jordan. In the unbiased version that a sour section demands, the first hooded billionaire was conning the interviewer out of him. He placed the Metaverse, with the tricks of a girdle seller and a lined cardboard suitcase, as a paradise of “connection and communication”, when its presumed buyers are only interested in knowing if they will be able to kiss Ana de Armas in the parallel universe.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb he orders to disregard the predictions of those who do not risk their skin in his arguments, and Zuckerberg has lost a hundred billion euros in a year pursuing his dream of a better and more expensive universe. He has fallen one step away from the Goal. In the abrupt awakening, financial partners did not share his economic largesse. Hence the dismissal of eleven thousand workers, in the wake of the Elon Musk which is the gold standard of digital tricksters.

If the crypto-economy solves its crossroads by expelling workers it considers wasteful spending, it is not much different from the paleocapitalist carrot and stick. With the nuance that impregnable high tech never gave up, it promised an indefinite job with a ping pong table next to the coffee machine. Now it is not the expendable Ceylonese emigrants who have raised the World Cup in Qatar that fall, but the LinkedIn curriculum engineers at universities with six-figure annual enrollment. You have launched into studying mathematics and Zuckerberg considers you superfluous, while he evokes “that teenager who did not attend classes in high school, because he preferred to write computer programs secretly in my notebook.”

No one dares to publicly confess that they use Facebook anymore, a more outdated vice than following the news on a conventional channel or putting up with the endless ninety minutes of a soccer game. football. The asocial network has crowned the paradox of places that used to be fashionable, where no one goes anymore because they are always full. His magic has evaporated. The Harvard student who didn’t fit in took ten years to reach his first billion customers, now he wants to put blinders on another billion people that a cavalry would reject. Charging, of course. The Metaverse has crashed into reality.

Mark Zuckerberg is a well-wired robot, even in his brain. He sports a touché, shows no discomfort when answering that “I don’t know” or “I don’t remember” to elementary questions about his company. The insecure character of him was sculpted by Aaron Sorkins in the primitive Metaverse, also known as Hollywood. The excellent The social network will go down in history for its initial discussion, it is funny that it corresponds to the same screenwriter who biographed Steve Jobsalso expelled from his paradise for biting the forbidden Apple

“We are not the Ministry of Truth,” Zuckerberg defends himself. He shows that he understands Orwell’s 1984 somewhat better than Feijóo, which is not saying much. The person supremely responsible for controlling literary barbarism on the internet explains that, if they receive many messages about the elections Americans with Romanian IPs, suspect something stinks rotten in Bucharest. Neither Inspector Clouseau, our grandmothers were more diligent in detecting fraud in the vegetable market. The tycoon does not rule out that he has inadvertently created the Ministry of Lies. In Solomon’s version of him, “it may be better to get some bad guys in than drive out some good guys.” Manichaeism 1.0.

The chill that runs through you when Zuckerberg presents his Metaverse as “a perfected Zoom” confirms that a theoretical edifice of planetary dimension has been built, where humanity has deposited its entire capital, and that it hangs by a thread. You can continue to believe in the supreme guides Zuckerberg or Musk, but now with the conviction that both have no idea about the goal of this eventful journey.

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Lemon & vinegar | Mark Zuckerberg: Fallen one step from the Goal