La Nación / Two identical dresses; Elon’s model mom, fashion in Monaco and Meghan canceled

Queen Letizia went to present an award (which bears her name) and found that one of the winners had a dress identical to hers and they laughed together. Elon Musk’s mother was and is a beautiful model. Monaco dressed in fashion with Chanel and Meghan was canceled by Netflix.

If there is something that all women in the world fear when they have a special commitment, it is to coincide with another guest in the look. And even more so when the two women who wear the same dress must be together in an act or party. And we didn’t even dare to think about that, also when one of the women “look twins” is none other than Queen Letizia of Spain who was going to deliver an award that bears her name in the city of Mérida and ran into that The winner was wearing the same mango dress, which is also particularly striking because it is two-tone, in black and white.

How did the queen take it? It seems very good, since when the “Queen Letizia 2021 Awards” were delivered, one of the awards went to the professor of Civil Law at the University of Seville, Inmaculada Vivas, who was dressed exactly the same as her. Thus, although Letizia has a “Queen’s” dressing room, we already see that any mortal, like the professor, has paid the 49 euros that the dress comes out and Letizia has hugged her eagerly before the teacher’s shy gesture as if to say ” I messed up!” She would have thought of buying the dress and wearing it for the act. However, the queen laughingly approached Inmaculada Vivas, who received a special mention in the research category for her professional career in working with people with disabilities, and celebrated the coincidence with much laughter and joy, taking away all drama.

Everyone is talking about Elon Musk (50) who is not only in the news because of the purchase of Twitter. This week has been top news again but for something very different. It is that he appeared at the MET gala proud of the arm of the one who for him is –as he always says– his “only heroine”. This is Maye Musk, his mother. The woman who at 74 looks very elegant and is still hired to work as a model, is a woman who has managed to overcome difficult circumstances in life and raise 3 children alone with whom she fled South Africa, escaping from a violent marriage and painful. Maye is of Canadian origin and came to South Africa in 1950 with her parents, Joshua and Winnifred Haldeman, chiropractors and adventurers, who settled in Pretoria with their five children.

At 15, she started working as a model in the agency of a friend of her mother and studied dietetics. At 20, she was a finalist for Miss South Africa and at 21 she married Errol Musk, a brilliant South African engineer who made money in the construction and emerald mining businesses. The couple had three children in three years: Elon, Kimbal and Tosca. Life with him was hell, she says, and until 1981 she was unable to get a divorce after enduring beatings. Elon said of her father that she was an “evil human being. He planned evil”. She then emigrated to the US where her children (especially Elon) achieved an unforeseen level of fame and money.

“I never treated them like dependent children. I never told them what they should study, I didn’t check if they had homework or had done it, because that was their responsibility,” she said. In addition to Elon, who pampers her, she has Tosca (47), a film and TV producer and director. And Kimbal (49) businessman, owner of several companies, including Zip2, a software company that in 1999 bought Compaq for 307 million dollars. Maye stopped dyeing her gray hair when she was 59, long before it became fashionable. At 62, she posed nude on the cover of New York magazine and has even appeared in Beyoncé video clips.

A true “fashion summit” was experienced last Thursday at the iconic Monte-Carlo Beach Hotel, where Maison Chanel showed the Cruise 2022-23 collection in a parade on the shores of the Mediterranean. The owners of the style were the beautiful members of the Grimaldi family, with the always very elegant Carolina, her daughter Charlote, image of Chanel and, very well accompanied by her sister-in-law Carole Bouquet, the French actress whose son married Carlota. Carolina and Carole posed together with their particular style, with relaxed clothes from the house, but with accessories that do everything when it comes to shining. The house’s characteristic pearls and chains completed Carolina’s look with a tweed jacket and original white openwork culottes.

Carole was more classic, with a white shirt and original wide-leg pants and Chanel earrings, bracelets and glasses. Carlota wasted glam with a set of a short jacket and jean pants with the typical “padded” of the house, which looked impeccable. Her sister-in-law, Tatiana Santo Domingo, and Estefanía’s daughter Pauline Ducruet, passionate about fashion, did not miss the opportunity to attend the parade offered in that dreamlike environment. The collection, applauded by Sofía Coppola and many European socialites, abounded in references to part-time vacations from the time of Madame Cocó on boat rides and sea baths. Iconic colors such as black and white, raspberry, roses of all shades and details in neutral tones without forgetting the eternal jean treated as if it were a haute couture genre.

This week Netflix announced that Meghan Markle’s first series for said platform was canceled due to economic cuts implemented by the company due to losses due to the loss of contracts. Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, assured in September 2020 that the agreement between the Duchess and Prince Harry would lead to “some of the most exciting and most viewed content of the coming year”. No one is immune from cuts at Netflix, the streaming giant that has lost 200,000 subscribers and whose shares fell last April.

Not even Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The platform has canceled Pearl, an animated series that would be the first to premiere as a result of Meghan and Harry’s agreement with Netflix, as reported by Deadline. Pearl was created by Meghan through Archewell Productions, the company created within the framework of Netflix in the fall of 2020 to generate all of the Sussexes’ programming for the platform.

The series, billed as a family series about the adventures of a 12-year-old girl who interacts with some notable historical women, has been produced by Meghan along with David Furnish, Elton John’s husband and a longtime friend of Harry’s. “Like many girls her age, our heroine Pearl is on a journey of self-discovery as she tries to overcome the challenges of everyday life,” Meghan explained in a statement last summer. For now, she will have to wait.

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La Nación / Two identical dresses; Elon’s model mom, fashion in Monaco and Meghan canceled