Kanye West adds problems for his scandalous shirt and ends up attacking Mark Zuckerberg

kanye-westwho long ago starred in a scandal for a local food, was involved in a controversy after wearing a shirt with the phrase ‘White Lives Matter’ (White lives matter), a slogan that is considered a mockery of the anti-racism movement in the United States (‘Black Lives Matter’). This brought him some consequences, such as the one that led him to cross Mark Zuckerberg.

The rapper was one of the protagonists of the Paris Fashion Week 2022, making his debut as a model with the Balenciaga brand, as well as a runway show for his brand, Yeezy. “All of you here know that I am the leader… You cannot control me. This is an uncontrollable situation. God’s dream or a dream that cannot happen without God’s help,” he said at the event.

This brought him some statements against him, such as Jaden Smith’s on his Twitter account: “I can’t support Kanye’s message. He doesn’t have the support of all young people.”

Crossing West to Mark Zuckerberg

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs is one of the figures who spoke to West to make him see reason: “I’m trying to talk to you as a black man. And I’m talking to you because this is hurting our people. Stop”.

To that text message, he replied that he was being “controlled” by Jews, while threatening to publish “anything he sends”. And he added the ex-husband of kim kardashian: “This is not a game. I will use you as an example to show the Jewish people who told you to call me. Nobody can threaten me or influence me.”

Kanye posted screenshots of his chart with Sean on Instagram, though the platform removed them for violating security rules. At this, he exploded with mark zuckerberg, the CEO of META: “Look at this, Mark. How could you kick me off Instagram? You used to be my nigga.”

Why did Kanye West force a hamburger restaurant to change its name and logo?

kanye-west He made a curious request to a fan of his: he demanded that he change the name and logo of his hamburger restaurant in Australia. But why?

The reason why Ye took legal action before Mark Elkhouria follower of his music who had only been inspired by his idol, is because the venture “College Dropout Burgers” uses the name of one of the American singer’s albums.

Also on the menu is the fried chicken sandwich. “gold digger”the “Good Morning” breakfast sandwich and the “Cheezus” hamburger, names of some of his songs.

A letter from West’s lawyers would have arrived in Australia, so Elkhouri had to start with the remodeling of his business to avoid legal problems. And it even had to ditch its “College Dropout”-inspired teddy bear logo.

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Kanye West adds problems for his scandalous shirt and ends up attacking Mark Zuckerberg