Jeff Bezos’ superyacht had to be towed for this reason

The saga of Jeff Bezos’ historic superyacht, called Y721, keep going. You may remember the early days of the record-breaking boat, when it was announced that would be the largest sailing ship in the world and the longest built in the Netherlands. But all of this came at a cost, and not just the $500 million price tag of the yacht itself: The vessel’s controversial existence came to a head when it was announced that an iconic Dutch bridge, De Hef, would be dismantled to allow the passage of the ship through the Koningshaven canal. Dutch residents were so furious that the famous billionaire owner of Amazon managed to do this to their historic bridge that they went so far as to claim that they would throw rotten eggs at him to the ship during its passage through the canal.

Things began to smooth out when Oceanco, the company that builds the yacht, backtracked on plans to remove the bridge, but this did not change the fact that the ship remained too big to leave the port where it was being built. Now, the ship’s gossip and speculation-shrouded voyage may be reaching its resolution with the news that Jeff Bezos’ superyacht was towed out of the canal early Tuesday morning to Greenport, another shipyard. Towed without sails intact, construction of the yacht will finish in Greenport before heading out to sea.

The Rotterdam De Hef bridge will not be dismantled.

Geography Photos/Getty Images.

The Youtube channel Dutch Yachting caught the boat’s surprise departure and posted a video of her leaving the shipyard on the platform. The channel noted in the video’s description that the ship took a slightly unexpected route, traveling an intentionally longer route to avoid going under the Heff Bridge. However, the boat kept moving at a remarkable pace: “We have never seen a transport go so fast,” Dutch Yachting wrote in the description. The Y721 it arrived at the Greenport shipyard in just three hours.

Many speculated that the ship’s flight, like a bandit, under the covers of the night, it was done to avoid further bad press and public outrage. It seems that the threat of throwing rotten eggs at him worked, so the residents of Rotterdam will no longer have to make an extra trip to the store to save their beloved bridge.

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Jeff Bezos’ superyacht had to be towed for this reason