Jeff Bezos rebuilds his fiancée Lauren Sánchez’s $175 million mega-mansion

For Jeff Bezos, being the third richest man in the world with a real-time fortune of $147 billion dollarsit doesn’t matter much to invest in some tastes and pleasures, especially when you worked for decades to run your company Amazon to overall success.

That is why lately he has not limited himself to his investments and has spent several millions, for example, he had a $500 million dollar yacht in Europe, he gave an engagement ring to Lauren Sanchez of $2.5 million and celebrated her future walk down the aisle with a lavish dinner that included rare French wines for up to $4,000 a bottle.

In addition to this, for a few weeks he has been vacationing in the Balearic Sea and the Mediterranean with his family, he even went to Cannes and took a helicopter ride around Majorca.

A few days ago it was revealed that he is preparing his new love nest in Californiain which he will live with Sánchez after they get married.

According to reportsJeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez they bought a $175 million mansion and put it under complete renovation before heading to Europe; it is said to be being built almost from scratch, in Beverly Hills.

A couple of years ago, Bezos bought a property in Beverly Hills and had it redone, but months later he suspended work indefinitely because he failed to complete a planning application for his tennis court fence. After his commitment to Lauren was confirmed, said property resumed renovations.

reported that Jeff had the mansion expanded with a new resort-style pool, retaining walls, new facade designs, new rooms, as well as a total renovation of the surrounding guest houses.

Jeff Bezos builds $175 million home. Photo: The Grosby Group

Jeff Bezos builds $175 million home. Photo: The Grosby Group

In addition, he ordered new windows, new and extensive gardens and ordered an update of the materials of the entire mansion.

This house is part of the jeff bezos real estate empire which is valued at $600 million dollars, approximately.

The tycoon is known to have another $10 million Beverly Hills home, four separate apartments in Manhattan and a $23 million mansion in Washington DC.

since a few months, Bezos and his fiancee they had lived in a rented house in Malibu, on the cliff of Point Dume. This property belongs to musician Kenny G., who rents through manager Lester Knispel.

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Jeff Bezos rebuilds his fiancée Lauren Sánchez’s $175 million mega-mansion