Jeff Bezos’ new sports interest

The billionaire CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos would be interested in buying the team from football Washington Commanders. After 23 years as their owners, Dan and Tanya Snyder would be considering selling the team from the capital in the midst of an investigation by the US authorities for tax fraud.

The tycoon has a reported fortune of $125 billion and the cost of NFL franchise aims to be little more than 6 billion. Likewise, according to CNN, Bezos would not buy the team alone, as he is in talks with the rapper, producer and investor, Jay-Z, to partner and acquire it. It should be remembered that the musician was a minority owner of the Brooklyn Nets of the NBA.

In addition, the link between the NFL (National Football League, for its acronym in English) with the employer is great if one takes into account that amazon is the streaming network that broadcasts Thursday Night Football in the United States.

he andteam won three Super Bowls (Super Bowl) in its history (1983, 1988 and 1992) although when they were named after the Washington Redskins. This name was changed in 2020 because it was considered offensive towards the native groups of the United States.

The year Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of the top 10 richest men in the US.

Bezos returns to the attack

It’s not the first time that Bezos wants to acquire an American football franchise. In 2019CBS Sports reported that the businessman was interested in owning of some team. However, at that time no team was for sale since a year earlier David Tepper bought the Carolina Panthers for 2.275 million dollars.

Since then, the The Denver Broncos were the only franchise to change owners.. Rob Walton acquired the NFL franchise for $4.65 billion in August 2022.


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Jeff Bezos’ new sports interest