Jeff Bezos’ latest fad is fit for a 5-year-old … and that’s why we love it

If you were one of the richest men in the world, what would you invest your millions in? Jeff Bezos you have already covered almost all the typical boxes with which we answer that question. Has already the private jet, the zillions of mansions, the cars spectacular and, of course, the businesses that will keep that lifestyle for years to come. Her latest purchase, however, may not have occurred to you to write it down on your dream list, but it belongs to her by right.

Jeff Bezos has fulfilled the dream that we all had when we were going to elementary school and he has put in the middle of his house a ice creams like the ones you find in a restaurant or cafeteria.

This has been revealed by the company’s Instagram profile, CVT Soft Serve. In the post, which shows the delivery man with the boxes of the order, he comments: “I just made an ice cream delivery to a guy who now has CVT in his house 24/7. Thanks, Jeff Bezos, for being the first residential client of CVTeeny. That. Balls?!?!”.

Jeff Bezos keep breaking records. Although this may not be as impressive as being the first man to break the million dollar barrier, being the first home user (not restaurant or derivatives) to have an ice cream machine at home it has its charm.

And Jeff Bezos bought an ice cream machine and Warren Buffet has ice cream for breakfast every dayWe should still start to ask ourselves if what we have been doing wrong all this time has nothing to do with our entrepreneurial skills, but rather with our diet.

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