Jeff Bezos is looking to buy an NFL team: Reports

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The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, and superstar rapper Jay-Z are two of the names that “keep popping up” in discussions about who could buy the NFL’s Denver Broncos team, according to a site report.

Mandel Ngan | Getty Images

The Broncos property is currently up in the air.

If the family members of the late majority owner Pat Bowlen do not reach an agreement soon, the equipment will be sold in 2022.

The expected sale price is around $ 4 billion. MarketWatch He estimates that Bezos’ current net worth is around $ 199.6 billion. In 2019, the site noted that Jay-Z was “hip-hop’s first billionaire,” but that “just” puts his net worth at just over a billion.

In addition to founding Amazon, Bezos owns the Washington Post and founded the aerospace company Blue Origin. Jay-Z (singer Shawn Carter’s birth name) founded the entertainment company Roc Nation, maintains a champagne firm, and launched a streaming service called Tidal.

Any group interested in buying an NFL team must be led by a single person who owns at least 30% of the team. So Jay-Z could buy the Broncos with partners and be the public face of team ownership, while other sponsors remain more anonymous. Reports of Bezos’s interest in a team have been around for a long time, but it would be easier for him to buy the team on his own without the help of partners.

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