Jeff Bezos is living after leaving Amazon the life of luxury that we would all want if we had…

Leaving Amazon and getting divorced did not mean leaving everything behind, in fact, it was the opposite, because Jeff Bezos It seems that now that he has enough time, he has begun to live that luxurious life that we would all like to have if we were in his place.

How is the flashy life of Jeff Bezos?

The luxurious life of Jeff Bezos He became known from his last New Year’s party, in which he gave a lot to talk about on social networks when he posted a carousel of seven photos in which his family and friends saw themselves enjoying that moment like no one else.

The celebration took place among yachts, but precisely in the tycoon’s favourite, owned by billionaire David Geffen (who in turn bought it from Larry Ellison): the Rising Sun, a 138-meter mastodon valued at more than 500 million euros that usually tour the Caribbean, and in which the founder of Amazon and his partner Lauren Sanchez They were already in 2019, as indicated by Vanity Fair magazine on its website.

Jeff Bezos has all kinds of luxuries

But this party has only been a small part of the vacation that the couple enjoyed on the Caribbean island of San Bartolomé. A destination that both already knew from those previous vacations in 2019.

Similarly, on December 11 the relationship continued with an amazing party at his Beverly Hills mansion, which had started the day before, celebrating the successes of the company’s film division. Elsewhere in the company the news was bleaker. Around the same time, a tornado ripped through a company warehouse in Illinois, killing six workers.

What happened to Jeff Bezos after Amazon?

After leaving the Amazon address behind, Jeff Bezos he has become a more public and relaxed person, and is now practicing philanthropy.

After Amazon, the tycoon decided to launch various billion-dollar initiatives focused mainly on biodiversity and the fight against climate change -according to his own results, Amazon produced in 2020 a carbon footprint equivalent to burning 140 million barrels of oil-, almost all around the Bezos Earth Fund (Bezos Fund for Earth), which intends to spend more than 10,000 million dollars during this decade to finance organizations that try to save the planet before it is uninhabitable. With a greater presence at summits such as the climate conference, where he spoke, among others, with royal activists of the caliber of the prince charles of englandquotes Vanity Fair.

One of Jeff Bezos’ yachts

But beyond that, Jeff Bezos He has focused on another of his great dreams, Blue Origin, the company that aspires to the private conquest of space in competition with Space X of the also tycoon Elon Musk. In fact, after finally leaving his Amazon office at the beginning of July last year, the businessman took a step to illustrate his new life: going into space, in one of his own rockets, accompanied by his brother.

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Jeff Bezos is living after leaving Amazon the life of luxury that we would all want if we had…