Jeff Bezos had not bought Amazon shares in twenty years. The other day he got one, and it’s a mystery

Jeff Bezos’s eccentricities are well known. From building a $500 million superyacht so big it couldn’t fit in the shipyards, to getting a mechanical clock powered by thermal energy with a range of 10,000 years.

The latest occurrence of the e-commerce magnate has left all stock market experts puzzled: buy a single Amazon share.

20 years without buying shares. The fact that a billionaire buys shares in his own company is not news in itself, since this type of operation is common to gain or delegate internal power. Without going any further, in 2021 the millionaire sold a total of 737,332 titles preparing his departure as CEO of Amazon to keep 10% of the assets. However, Bezos had not bought shares in the company he founded for two decades, and he does so by acquiring a single share on May 25.

Elon Musk and the symbolism of numbers. The move has no financial significance. According to experts, the purchase is nothing more than the excuse to notify the regulatory body of said operation. That is where Bezos’s nod to Elon Musk’s usual trolling is hidden.

The millionaire simultaneously recorded the purchase of the share and the donation of more than 69,290 shares valued at about $8 million to a non-profit organization, but the key is that he did so at 4:20 PM the next day. The combination of both data (4:20 and 69) is a common wink in Elon Musk’s operations since they are numbers with symbols related to marijuana use.

Drugs and winks among millionaires. Elon Musk’s taste for marijuana is no secret. The millionaire has repeatedly used veiled references to the symbols surrounding his consumption, and one of those symbols is 4 and 20, claiming April 20 as World Marijuana Day. Elon tried to buy Twitter for 42 billion dollars, although the move did not go as he wanted and he finally had to pay 44 billion for the social network.

The Tesla owner has also used the number 42 as a reference to the novel Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy of Douglas Adams where a gigantic supercomputer ends up answering that “the answer to the meaning of life, the universe and everything else is 42”.

Two different careers with many points in common. Despite their differences, the trajectories of Musk and Bezos have many in common that demonstrate the competitiveness that has historically existed between the two millionaires. Both have founded successful companies, their companies participate in the space race and have, at some point, been leading the list of the richest on the planet.

The competitive nature of both millionaires has given rise to the rivalry between them, and this symbolic purchase of a single share is nothing more than the excuse to wink at the founder of Tesla.

profitable joke. Beyond the hidden symbolism, the purchase of the stock has gone well for Bezos, who has made a return of $9 buying the stock for $114.77, while it now has a valuation of $123.43.

With this movement, Jeff Bezos’ participation in Amazon amounts to 990,476,371 shares, 9.7% of the total, which are capitalized with an approximate value of 122,000 million dollars. So far this year, Amazon shares have increased their price by 47%, giving a valuation close to 1.3 trillion dollars.

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Jeff Bezos had not bought Amazon shares in twenty years. The other day he got one, and it’s a mystery