Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, returns to Mallorca with the superyachts ‘Koru’ and ‘Abeona’ after their maiden voyage

The two superyachts, which have now returned to dock at the sea ​​club of Palmoccupying both sides of the outer jetty, and before the aforementioned maiden voyage, they had arrived on the island a month before Bezos and his partner took possession of their new acquisitions.

He Korubuilt in the exclusive oceanco shipyards and valued at 500 million dollarsis a three-masted schooner up to 70 meters high, classic bearing, two wooden decks, navy blue hull, aluminum structure and raised stern, in whose bathtub the billionaire he built a swimming pool. At the bow, in addition to the great bowsprit highlights the figurehead carved in wood painted in gold that reproduces the face of Lauren Sanchez as if she were an ancient goddess.

Figurehead of the yacht Koru, with the face of Lauren Sánchez Drafting

The sailboat can comfortably accommodate in its cabins 18 guestsas well as one crew of forty people.

To service the schooner, Jeff Bezos ordered at the same time Abeona yacht whose function is support the Koru sailboat, help in case it was necessary for an emergency, as well as carry all additional navigation and entertainment equipment to its mother ship Koru, including a helicopter.

The support and relief ship, built by the Finnish shipyards Damenhave the gray helmet, with an orange line that runs along its entire perimeter above the waterline, with the stern open, a helipada hangar for the helicopter, three decks and a fo’c’sle with the wheelhouse. Its width (sleeve) exceeds 12 meters, which allows you to store three boats and other navigation and entertainment accessories. And transfer them to the sea by means of a centrally located folding crane of the boat


The photos of Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez in Mallorca aboard the super yacht Koru

That first visit by Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sánchez in 2019

Jeff Bezos he got to know Mallorca in 2019 aboard the Rising Sun yacht138 meters, and owned by his friend, the American film producer David Geffen. It was the month of August and the founder ofand Amazon and owner of Washington Post He had just gotten over a complicated divorce from his first wife, the writer McKenzie Scott, which after signing the agreement was described as the most expensive in history.

romance with Lauren Sanchez was announced in January 2019, coinciding with the Bezos divorce. And his Majorcan journey was one of the first of the new couple. Lauren Sánchez, for her part, born in Albuquerque with Mexican roots, actress and former host of the California morning television show Good Day LA of the fox chainhad also just left behind a 13-year relationship with Patrick Whitesellhe. Even the name of the supersailer Koruseems a reference to the new situation that the couple recovered in that first trip to Majorca. Koru is a word of Maori origin that symbolizes a new life, growth, strength and peace. Its spiral shape represents perpetual movement and the return to the point of origin. Bezos recently addressed the term on Instagram highlighting the personal growth it symbolizes, as well as wishes for renewal and rebirth and the importance of enjoying the moment.

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Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, returns to Mallorca with the superyachts ‘Koru’ and ‘Abeona’ after their maiden voyage