Jeff Bezos baffles investors by buying a single Amazon share: he hadn’t done it in 20 years

Jeff Bezos has acquired an Amazon share after 20 years without doing so. What is this strange movement due to?

Jeff Bezos, depending on the Amazon listing, is considered one of the 3 richest people in the world. Wikipedia

Jeff Bezos, known for his participation in the Amazon shareholding, has had several episodes worthy of appearing in Urban Tecno, some of them being very controversial. A few months ago, it was learned that there is a confrontation between the tycoon and the port of Rotterdam over the launching of his incredible yacht. It is also known that he will donate practically all of his money to combat climate change, but the truth is that, sometimes, He also performs somewhat strange movements.

The billionaire has just bought shares in the company he owns and founders of. This type of movement is normal and is certainly seen as very positive by the minority investor. After all, if the head of the company acquires titles to it, it is because their interests and those of society are aligned. Now, what has happened in this particular case? The purchase of only one share has been recorded. It is a movement to say the least strange.

Let’s see, therefore, what are the reasons that could have led the tycoon to buy this single action, why it is a movement that directly relates him to the eccentric Elon Musk and, of course, how this gesture can have dyeseven within politics. This type of movement was also carried out by the South African businessman and the truth is that there is an interesting current behind it.

Why Jeff Bezos has only bought one share of his company

This is one of the strangest movements that has occurred in Amazon in recent years. The American billionaire had not deposited a single euro in the company for 2 decades. Even so, it is known that he owns more than 10% control of the company, so he has great power on the Board of Directors. Jeff Bezos, even so, decided on May 25 to buy only one share. It was also bought at $114.77. Was it a computer glitch or what could have happened?

The only cause that is handled is directly related to the symbolism. Apparently, according to Bloomberg, the purchase of the share and the donation of more than 69,290 shares were carried out, which were valued at about 8 million dollars. The recipient was a non-profit organization. April 20, the fourth month of the year, is International Marijuana Day, so it could be a wink in this regard. It is believed, therefore, that it is a symbol have exclusively purchased a single share at one point in time very specific.

Well, how is the shareholding of Jeff Bezos? The information on the capitalization of the company shows that it currently owns 990,476,371 shares, or what is the same, 9.7% of the company’s total. This data, multiplied by the current price at press time, allows us to see why he is one of the 3 richest people in the world. Her fortune, exclusively with the ownership of these shares, amounts to an incredible 120,000 million dollars.

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Jeff Bezos baffles investors by buying a single Amazon share: he hadn’t done it in 20 years