Jeff Bezos assures life in space in his predictions

The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, has done it again and has dared to share his predictions about the future of humanity during a ceremony in Washington, USA. The billionaire has confirmed that our civilization will move out of the Earth in a few years and this will only remain as a vacation destination. With these statements, the owner of spacecraft Blue Origin, has stunned thousands of people around the world.

“You have to leave the Earth to protect it”

Jeff Bezos insists that the use of energy within world society has increased considerably in recent years, and ensures that the rate will continue to grow up to 3% per year. The founder of Amazon insists that “this planet is so small that, if we want to continue growing as a civilization, using more energy, a lot of that will have to be done off-planet.”.

In turn, he pointed out that the best way to increase the rate of energy supply would be build power plants in space to be able to take it to Earth. Jeff Bezos affirms that most of that energy will end up being consumed in space, where the next generations will live. Because, The goal of his company Blue Origin is to create roads into space so that future generations can build life there, and thus help protect the Earth..

People will live in large spaceships and inhabitants will be born in space

Jeff Bezos says that humanity will have to leave the planet to be able to conserve the Earth and repair all the damages produced in the environment like the loss of ecosystems. He affirms that the world population will continue to grow and this will mean a collapse on the planet, something that would not happen in space since there is no limit to living together. With these statements he underlines the idea that “most, or many of the inhabitants, will be born in space. It will be your first home”.

According to the mogul, civilization will live in floating colonies with cylindrical shapes in the space where artificial gravity can be created and ensure its habitability. His idea is to turn space into an Earth-like planet with ecosystems and animals, and have the possibility of returning to our planet in a very short way.

Earth will become a vacation destination and the presence of aliens

Jeff Bezos is convinced that people who start living in space will always have the opportunity to visit Earth as a vacation destination, as is currently done with Yellowstone National Park. Recognize that this new vacation destination will be more protected after the departure of human beings.

Finally, he wanted to make it clear that he does not conceive of a universe where only intelligent life exists on Earth: “How can there not be extraterrestrials?” Jeff Bezos believes that aliens have not visited our planet because they feel comfortable in their solar system, but he suggests that they are probably out there, making a life parallel to ours.

With these statements, the billionaire has left thousands of people speechless. And you, what do you think about the possible life outside planet Earth? Do you think it is an accurate reality or just pure imagination?

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Jeff Bezos assures life in space in his predictions