Jeff Bezos and Jack Ma, founders of Amazon and Aliexpress, compare the sizes of their superyachts in Mallorca

Who has the biggest ship? Two leaders of the global economyl with planetary impact, the North American Jeff Bezosfounder of Amazonand the Chinese Jack Macreator of aliexpressthe business spearhead within Alibaba Groupyour great internet business consortium, compare the sizes his superyachts in Majorca.

The Power fight takes place on the same outer dock of the sea ​​club of Palmwhere are they symmetrically docked and where the two pleasure boatsa classic size schooner called Koru and a ultramodern motor yacht with sharp lines christened Zencoincide since Wednesday afternoon, with 39-meter advantage for Bezos’ sailboatwhich can still add a 75-meter support ship.

He Chinese businessman Jack Ma’s yachta habitual of Majorcan waters since its launchingwas entrusted in 2021 to the cooperative of Dutch shipyards Feadship and designed by Studio De Voogt. Has 88.38 meters in lengtha beam of 13 meters and four decks Its interiors can house comfortable suites for 16 guests and 25 crew, including the captain. He is capable of sailing at a speed of 20 knots and his autonomy reaches 5,000 miles.

For his part, he Koru by Jeff Bezosin Majorca since April 12th in its maiden voyageis a hulking schooner why the founder of Amazon and owner of Washington Post has paid 500 million dollars to the exclusive Dutch shipyards Oceanco.

Jeff Bezos’ super yacht Koru docked at the Club de Mar in Palma Drafting

Waiting for Jeff Bezos to take possession of the new boat this summer in Mallorca

The technical data of the super yacht Koru they are as huge as the Bezos fortune. Has 127 meters in lengthwhich makes it the second largest sailing ship in the worldsecond only to Sailing Yacht A143 meters and owned by the Russian billionaire Andrei Melnichenko. And its three masts climb up to 70 meters high, that is, it is the tallest sailing ship.

The design of the sailboat is that of a classic size schoonerwith two wooden decks, navy blue hull and aluminum structure, a large bowsprit at the bow and raised stern, where a large swimming pool has been built as a whim. The interiors of the ship Jeff Bezos are for now one of the best kept secrets. Only a few details are known, such as its cabins can comfortably accommodate a total of 18 guests and at the same time crew of 40 sailors.

Bezos keeps his new toy waiting to take possession of it in summerif any complication during these days of tests does not force you to return to the oceanco shipyards. But it is not the only pleasure boat that has opened on the island and docked at the Club de Mar. Next to the Koru, on the other jetty of the Palma marina, it also awaits the arrival of the North American businessmannot the yacht Abeona, from 75 meters in lengththat also opens on the island and whose function is to lend support to the Koru sailboat, assistance in case of an emergencyas well as carry all additional navigation and entertainment equipment to her mother ship Koruplus a helicopter.

The support and relief ship, which could tow the Koru, built by the Finnish shipyards Damenhave the gray helmetwith a orange line that runs along its entire perimeter above the waterlinewith the open sterna heliporta hangar for the helicopter, three decks and a fo’c’sle with the wheelhouse. His width (sleeve), exceeds 12 meterswhich allows you to storer three boats and other navigation and entertainment accessories. And transfer them to the sea through a folding crane located in the central part of the boatno.



The best photos of the super yacht Koru, which Jeff Bezos has launched in Mallorca

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Jeff Bezos and Jack Ma, founders of Amazon and Aliexpress, compare the sizes of their superyachts in Mallorca