It has been a year since Google gave its digital coup and most of the news media “have gone through the tube”

I already said it Chesterton Regarding your intellectual adversary and yet friend, George Bernard Shaw: “It is like the Venus de Milo: everything that remains of it is admirable”. And he was charitable in his judgment, because Venus Aphrodite was only missing her arms. The rest is well placed in place. But Shaw …

The vain George Bernard would be more hurt by Chesterton’s other preferred definition: “Shaw has a big heart, a generous and heroic heart, but his heart is not in the right place.”.

Both sentences could apply to Google, which is not a person but an algorithm, an equation … so it is more emasculating to deal with him than with the playwright Shaw.

Unlike the human being, no matter how bad he has, the machine never tires of doing evil… the evil that a human soul has imbued in him, sorry, a rational intelligence. But the truth, neither Sergey Brin ni Larry Page they are not even one hundredth of the intellectual height of a Bernard Shaw.

Yes, they do a lot damage to press freedom. The seeker has become a monopoly world that destroys the media, in his triple facet of thief and, since December 4, 2020, global censor. The single thought, the New World Order, the politically correct, the big reset, and whatever you want to add, it’s called Google.

We just completed one year of the famous Google change, the night of December 4, 2020. It was the year of the pandemic when the guys at Google took a step forward. They are very objective so change criteria to algorithm, and it applies them. Naturally, depending on human criteria, the machine, mathematics, does one thing and not another. the machine itself is an idiot. Artificial intelligence is nothing more than an image.

The only digital commandment: ‘my money, my life’ … and a tuff to the Christian, too

Well, on the night of December 4-5, the Big brother google changed the way of evaluating the news. The only thing that is known, because Big Brother never rebels his letters, certainly not to his victims, the main one, the press, is that the Google commandment is “my money, my life”.

Why doesn’t the press react? Because he suffers from Stockholm syndrome with respect to his kidnapped, Big Brother Google. With the crisis he is going through, he cannot face Google. At most, get Big Brother to donate some crumbs of advertising that has stolen them.

By the way, Google is the inventor of programmatic advertising. In other words: it is the great enemy of intimacy and private life of humanity.

Conclusion: Google must be destroyed. At the very least, you have to break the Google monopoly.

The Covid was a unique opportunity for Google to add to its functions of parasite Y thief of the press, that of censor Of the same.

Google says who knows about Covid and who doesn’t, who can talk about money and who can’t. In short, what can be said and what must be kept silent. And the same goes for money. Economic newspapers are the ones that have suffered the most from Google’s marginalization. Above all, the independent media, those who dare to disagree with the economic policy or the large multinationals. It reminds me of what a famous CEO of Spanish media told me: No criticism of businessmen, managers and economic powers in general, “entrepreneurs are neither good nor bad: they are wealth creators”. Do you understand?

Google says who knows about Covid and who doesn’t, who knows about money and who doesn’t. In short, what can be said and what must be kept silent

Well, Google the same, but more.

But it is not only my money but the set of politically correct, the basic principles of New World Order (NWO). And I don’t need to remind you that we live in the age of Blasphemy against the Spirit, where good is bad and bad is good.

Total: the night of December 4 to 5, 2020, the Spanish press – other countries I have no data – lost between 40 and 80% of its readers. It is not a joke. The shock was tremendous but the reaction was regrettable. Instead of taking up arms against the tyrant, and given that the press suffers from Stockholm syndrome compared to Google, the media bowed to Big Brother and, as one computer scientist told me, “went through the tube.” The buzzword is “make friends with Google.” Unindexed -horrible word- what Google did not like, that is, they hid the news that the tyrant did not like and, after going through the tube, they regained positions, although rarely everything they had before. Google has already bent their pulse definitively. From now on, he will do it whenever he pleases.

The only thought is called Google. And here all the newspapers looking at Gibraltar. You have to be friends with our much loved kidnapper.

2021: the year of Big Brother Google, whom the devil confuses … even more. ‘Delenda est’ Google. Cowards are the media.

We would love to thank the writer of this write-up for this remarkable material

It has been a year since Google gave its digital coup and most of the news media “have gone through the tube”