It has 4 seasons and is a success: the Netflix series that Bill Gates recommends

Bill Gates has given his recommendation to a series that has captured his attention. The owner of Microsoft He is known for his insight and is a great reference worldwide. Curiously, the tycoon met with a production that captivated him because of its particular plot and that can be seen in Netflix.

What is the series that captivated Bill Gates about and why did it catch his attention? All this and much more we explore in this article.

What is Borgen, the series that Bill Gates recommends, about?

The core argument of borginthe Danish series that captivated Bill Gates, revolves around Birgitte Nyborg, the first woman to become Prime Minister of Denmark. His rise to office is accomplished through an intricate web of alliances, which unfolds chapter after chapter. However, this main plot is only one of the elements that make the story extremely captivating, as expressed by many of its followers, who describe it as “addictive”.

In borgin Not only are the decisions that the protagonist makes in power explored, which are fascinating, but it also delves into the personal stories of all the characters that surround her. This includes both his collaborators in the cabinet, made up of politicians from different forces, and his adversaries, who yearn to occupy his position and weaken his influence, as well as the perceptive journalists on state television.

As we said, the series was highlighted especially by Bill Gates in an interview: “I’ve docked all four seasons of this Danish political drama. Named for the palace in Copenhagen where the government is based, it follows the country’s first (fictional) female prime minister as she navigates a complex political landscape. I’m fascinated by how the political coalitions come together and stay together, and I was delighted to see Prime Minister Birgitte Nyborg figure it all out. She is a principled and gifted leader who is also fallible and sometimes wrong. borgin It’s entertaining above all else, but I’ve also learned a lot watching it,” described the tycoon who owns Microsoft.

“Borgen” is the informal term used to refer to Christiansborg Palace, where the three branches of government and the Prime Minister’s office are located. The series painstakingly portrays Nyborg’s exercise of power, from his time in opposition to his rise, and also explores the interplay between the media and political power, two entities that influence each other.

How many seasons does Borgen have and how to watch it online?

Borgen has four seasons and can be seen on Netflix

borgin It has 4 seasons, of which the last one was released in 2022 and is a separate series called Borgen – Riget, Magten, og Ærenalthough it has a clear link with the previous three seasons. All seasons are on the platform Netflix and can be viewed online.

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It has 4 seasons and is a success: the Netflix series that Bill Gates recommends