Internet Security Law, the initiative that can put Zuckerberg or Musk in jail

Elon Musk Y mark zuckerbergtwo of the richest men in the world and whose names we link to two giants of social networks, may end up in prison… but in the United Kingdom and this if they do not comply with the guidelines of an initiative that is close to becoming law.

This is the Internet Safety Act (Online Safety Bill), a project that will make the United Kingdom “the safest place in the world to browse online”as presumed by the British Government.

The companies that store user generated content (such as Facebook or YouTube, to mention a few examples) will be responsible for preventing content classified as ‘harmful’ from reaching minors.

Among the obligations that the platforms will have with Ofcomthe telecommunications regulatory body in the United Kingdom, are tasks such as:

  • Remove illegal material online, particularly that related to terrorism and child sexual exploitation and abuse.
  • Avoid exposing minors to materials classified as ‘legal, but harmful’. What type of content falls into that category? The UK Government lists material that refers to self-harm/self-mutilation or eating disorders as examples.
  • Internet sites that publish pornographic material must prevent minors from accessing the content.

What fines does the Internet Security Law include?

If Ofcom determines that a tech giant is not respecting the new law, it can apply fines equivalent to 10 percent of your income or even block the platform in the country.

However, a ‘rebellion’ within Rishi Sunak’s Conservative Party (and which threatened to ‘throw’ the initiative) caused the prime minister to relent to include a change that may make the heads of social media companies ‘tremble’. .

Michelle Donelan, Secretary of Culture, explained that the amendment establishes that senior managers of social media companies that have “consented or colluded in ignoring the applicable requirements”and thereby exposing girls and boys to harmful material, may face criminal sanctions.

How many years in prison are we talking about? The change proposes penalties of 2 years. The initiative will be referred to the House of Lords of Parliament for analysis.

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Internet Security Law, the initiative that can put Zuckerberg or Musk in jail