Interested in working with Bill Gates, they were subjected to intimate and indecent questions: “Have you danced for dollars?”

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, one of the brightest minds in the world and one of the most powerful men on the planet, is an authority when it comes to talking about technology, so a job offer to work alongside you can sound quite tempting, as well as being a unique opportunity that can represent a good salary.

Well, in recent days some details have been revealed that have left the employees who were in charge of interviewing the applicants in the private office of the also philanthropist in a bad light.

According to some women who saw this opportunity as a great window to success, FThey were subjected to intimate questions with explicit sexual touch, which caused them discomfort and discomfort during the interview process.

The company that provides the personnel recruitment service for Gates Adventure denied what happened. – Photo: Getty Images

Those in charge of guiding the meetings and advancing the selection process were the collaborators of the Gates Adventure security area and, according to the complaints of several applicants, there they questioned them about their sexual and medical history, in addition to inquiring about possible drug use and various situations in their private life.

Although this already suggests that something was wrong with those responsible for the process, those affected raised a red flag when they indicated that they had been asked about the type of pornography they preferred, if they had nude photos of themselves on their mobile phones or if they had sexual intercourse outside of marriage.

The information revealed by the Wall Street Journal indicates that Another of the questions was aimed at whether they had ever “danced for dollars.”

The fact has aroused the indignation of many sectors, who rejected this situation, especially when the men consulted by this means revealed that they were never asked questions of this type.

The company Concentric Advisors, in charge of the recruitment process, indicated, according to Infobae, that former CIA and FBI officials work for the company and conduct security interviews; In addition, they resorted to their experience of more than 20 years with family companies to deny what happened.

Bill Gates
According to US media, the men interviewed were not asked these types of questions. – Photo: Getty Images

Given the boom caused by the revelation of this news, the Gates Adventure firm reported, through a spokeswoman, that they had never been aware of these types of questions being executed and warned that it would be something “unacceptable”, which would lead to a clear “violation of Gates Ventures’ agreement with the contractor”.

The spokeswoman also told the US media that they have required the companies they hire to act in accordance with federal and state regulations and laws.

“We have never received information from any supplier or interviewee in our more than 15-year history that inappropriate questions were asked during the selection process. (…) We can confirm that after a thorough review of our records, no job offer based on information of this nature has ever been rescinded,” Bill Gates’ company said in the statement.

Bill Gates
The law in the United States prohibits asking candidates for any job about their medical and psychiatric history. – Photo: Getty Images

In this same sense, the company involved in the scandal spoke out, which denied this type of practice and questions in any recruitment process carried out by them.

Mike LeFever, CEO of the company in question, indicated that the way in which they check the background of candidates for a job is the same as that used by other companies. and that at no time is there a difference depending on whether the candidate is a man or a woman.

Another of the voices cited by the Wall Street Journal was that of Carol Miaskoff, legal adviser for the Federal Commission for Equal Employment Opportunities, who pointed out that asking questions about the psychiatric or health status of job candidates is prohibited by the federal Americans with Disabilities Act.

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Interested in working with Bill Gates, they were subjected to intimate and indecent questions: “Have you danced for dollars?”