Instagram will start testing NFTs on its platform this week, Mark Zuckerberg announces

The integration of non-fungible tokens or NFTs by Instagramone of the most powerful social networks in the world, seems like an open secret that will become a reality in the next few daysat least in an early stage, as recently announced mark zuckerberg, goal leaderthe parent company behind the social network, formerly known as Facebook before giving a I turn towards the Metaverse.

Previously, comments from CEO of Instagram opened the door for the idea of ​​integration of NFTan effort that focused Goal not only for Instagram, but for Facebook also, while the same Zuckerberg was commissioned weeks ago to confirm this idea, commenting on the potential of NFTs for building the Metaverse of the company.

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Now, a new confirmation of Zuckerberg make evident the Instagram tests with NFTs as soon as this week. In a post through his profile on Facebook, Zuckerberg revealed that in the next few days, they will start NFT tests within Instagramwhich will allow users display your NFTs as profile picturesa feature available on other popular social networks like Twitter.

In it video published, Zuckerberg commented that Meta was working on NFTs not just their Metaverse-focused slotsbut also in the set of applications that belong to its ecosystem, such as Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook. In this sense, the Meta leader added that they are working to add a similar feature to Facebook in the near future..

Besides, the expansion of NFT functions will not be limitedas Zuckerberg added that they were also working on adding augmented reality (AR) tools for NFTs, with three-dimensional or 3D featureswith which users can use Spark ARMeta’s augmented reality software, to project your NFT art into 3D and physical spaces.

Yes ok Zuckerberg did not reveal further details. about it, a report from CoinDesk explained that the integration of NFTs as profile images on Instagram will have support for digital collectibles from the Ethereum, Polygon, Solana and Flow networkswhile users could use wallets like MetaMaskto connect with the application.

In a matter of days we will know the details. We will update the information in a future publication as details emerge.

Image courtesy: Brett Jordan in Pexels

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Instagram will start testing NFTs on its platform this week, Mark Zuckerberg announces