Instagram improves its Maps function so you can find better locations

In September of last year we announced the arrival of the maps to instagram. A very useful tool that allows us to find nearby places, such as restaurants, parks or cafes, taking into account your location. With this, you will be able to find interesting places to take unique photographs.

Well now, as reported from various media, Instagram just released an update to the maps feature to significantly improve its functionality.

It has been the CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, who has announced this improvement in Instagram maps, which will now offer many more functions than before.

Instagram maps are now inspired by Google Maps

With a design that is very reminiscent of Google Maps, the maps feature on Instagram now supports search and filters. With this, users will be able to find restaurants, attractions and more places of interest in a much easier way.

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Until now, the only option was to see where a photo was posted and be guided by other users to find the best places. Now, updated map will show you tagged locations, posts, stories and guides by other users so you can discover the best locations.

Also, the Instagram map now supports hashtag searches and you can explore by clicking on any labeled place, being able to name the establishments, cities or neighborhoods in a comfortable way.

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all through a system of stickers or stickers that we can put in the locations to take them into account, in addition to helping other users to enjoy the best locations with which to take some truly dreamlike photographs.

Without a doubt, a very smart move on the part of the social network that significantly improves the maps function on Instagram to make it easier to find locations with which to create new content.

According to the release date of this instagram maps update, the social network has indicated that they are making a global deployment, so if you do not already have this function activated, it will arrive in the next few hours or days.

How to access the Instagram Maps feature

If you want try this new featurealthough it is being rolled out gradually and may arrive in the next few days, you just have to open Instagram and click on the magnifying glass icon located in the bottom bar.

You will enter the section to search for content and explore recommendations. At the top right you will see that there is a symbol of a map. Click on it and you can access this function.

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Instagram improves its Maps function so you can find better locations