Instagram aims to integrate NFT to its platform to have a wider audience

Instagram wants NFT creators to use the app to showcase their works. (photo: Medium)

Adam Mosseri, director of supervision of all functions of Instagram, said the app is exploring the market for tokens no fungibles (NFT), as well as the possibility of integrating them into your platform to make them more accessible.

“There is nothing to announce yet, but we are actively exploring NFTs and how we can make them more accessible to a wider audience.” Mosseri explained in a question and answer session launched from his account on the platform.

The head of the company owned by Facebook, whose name is currently Meta, He added that Instagram is trying to give the creators of NFT a helping hand; although, he did not mention more detail in his statements. “I think this (the digital collectibles ecosystem) is an interesting place where we can integrate and hopefully a way to help content creators.” mentioned Mark Zuckerberg, according Business Line.

NFT, own the Metaverse

While these unique digital assets are popular these days as art or video collectibles, They also serve as a digital key to unlock the metaversoas they can transmit products in the virtual world.

NFT is traded online, often linked to cryptocurrencies and are usually recorded on a blockchain.

Mosseri shows that Instagram is still working on its plans which were already revealed in May by digital artist Sean Williams. At that moment, ensured that the company planned to launch a space, within its user interface, for NFT creators to display their work.

Then the developer of the Instagram app, Alessandro Paluzzi, raised in July the possibility that the app would allow NFT sharing.

NFT on Instagram. (photo: cryptontics)
NFT on Instagram. (photo: cryptontics)

In the future, Paluzzi mentions, users who post this type of content will be able to tag it as “Collectible” or collectible to alert other users that this digital content is theirs.

The fact that Instagram is working on integrating NFT into its platform is not news; not only because that is the route that many companies are taking recently, but because it will be part of the plan and ambitions of Mark Zuckerberg for your Metaverse.

Two months ago, the CEO of Facebook appeared with his avatar in an official presentation of the company, showing everyone how new ways of interacting with friends, work or video games are emerging. This will no longer happen in real life or on 2D social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

However, the physical world moves in a virtual 3D universe with infinite possibilities. Since then, the company’s mission has been to create its own version of Metaverso, and most likely the NFTs are part of the company.

The best trick to view stories on Instagram without anyone noticing

This tutorial can be done on mobile phones iOS The Android, and necessarily in the browser Google Chrome. The aforementioned browser needs to be updated so that you can view Instagram Stories without the person noticing.

Then the following steps must be performed:

1. Download an extension called Chome IG Story in the web browser.

2. Activate the extension, then log into Instagram from Google Chrome.

3. Click on the Chrome IG Story icon, located at the top right of the screen.

Then your contacts will appear on Instagram so you can view Stories in incognito mode. A crossed out eye will appear, which is the symbol of this extension.

Google Chrome extension for Instagram Stories. (screenshot: Google Chrome / Jose Arana)
Google Chrome extension for Instagram Stories. (screenshot: Google Chrome / Jose Arana)


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Instagram aims to integrate NFT to its platform to have a wider audience