Inconceivable! Find out the negative points of the Davos Forum at the meeting on MONDAY. Will Bill Gates be totally shameless? By FXMAG UK

© Reuters. Inconceivable! Find out the negative points of the Davos Forum at the meeting on MONDAY. Will Bill Gates be totally shameless?

FXMAG UK – The first meeting of the Davos forum had its good and bad points, but apparently the participants have been a bit hypocritical when giving their opinion on the issue of environmental awareness. Today in this article we will talk about the most controversial issues of the meeting yesterday morning, where the economic leaders were practically not counted within that “majority” percentage.

This type of bullshit is what is decided in Davos 2023, where a group of millionaires decide that your showers should be cold…

What is the Davos Forum and why is it so important?

Santiago Niño is an economist well known on the networks for sharing very detailed information on controversial and financial issues. Last night he posted about:

– “Davos 2023, star themes of this year’s summit: Resilience, reimagining globalization, inclusion and diversity, sustainability and finally the economic space.”

First a bit of context: “The World Economic Forum” also known as the Davos Forum, is an international non-governmental organization where the most important economic leaders in the world meet, with the sole purpose of dialogue and debate the most critical issues of the present. The topics that most touched on this Monday the 16th were resilience and sustainability. However, the point most criticized by many was inclusion and diversity, an issue that has already been forced for many years.

A total irony the main theme of the meeting this Monday in Davos

Mariel Lang is an influencer and analysts of the cryptocurrency market. She recently posted online about:

– “Today the world economic forum meets in Davos, Switzerland, to discuss climate change. They arrived in private jets that generate the CO2 equivalent of 350,000 cars. To go to the conference to talk about caring for the climate. They don’t really care, they never have.”

Indeed, talking about environmental awareness and using private means of transport that use a good amount of fuel sounds a bit ironic from any point of view. However, the only logical solution that could be given is to take this type of conference to the virtual, as a type of meeting through the many simple websites that exist today. -We cannot talk about avoiding eating meat, being carnivores-.

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Elon Musk was very wise with his comment

Elon Musk is the famous CEO of SpaceX and Tesla (NASDAQ:), where he recently bought the social network Twitter (NYSE:), which he has used as a source of communication to find the truth. Less than a month ago he would have published about the Davos meeting in Switzerland:

– “The reason why I declined the Davos invitation was not because I thought they were involved in diabolical intrigues, but because it sounded very boring.”

The tycoon’s tweet is nothing more than a mocking response to the topics that senior managers usually mention in the meeting, “simple words” that have no influence on anyone, not even on themselves. The most recent case is proof of this, asking for environmental awareness when they used hundreds of private planes or yachts to get to the meeting in Switzerland. What are we talking about then?

Bill Gates could be considered by many as one of the biggest hypocrites of the Davos Meeting

Agenda 2023 is a digital information source that usually offers current news. Today he posted about:

– “Those who go to the Davos Forum to plan how to screw up your life to save the planet from climate change, are the same ones who travel on 200 million yachts. And you will be happy.”

Although it seems a little more of the same, the comments observed in this tweet seemed attractive to share… Making a parenthesis only with Bill Gates. Do we really believe that this man has done something right in recent years? Although his involvement with Microsoft (NASDAQ 🙂 was one of the most successful, the “freedom” to live from him has not been one of the most exemplary, and less so when it comes to caring for the environment. A total scandal that exposes the “little awareness” there is about the environment, and 85% of the people who attended the meeting spent any amount of fuel to get there.

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Inconceivable! Find out the negative points of the Davos Forum at the meeting on MONDAY. Will Bill Gates be totally shameless? By FXMAG UK