In addition to Twitter, these are all Elon Musk’s companies

Elon Musk kicked the digital board when making the twitter buy. When in April it offered 44,000 million dollars for that social network, we pointed out that the clown became the owner of the circus: The entrepreneur now owns the platform in which he has participated as a user since 2009.

Although resounding, the acquisition of Twitter is one more item in the vast list of companies managed by the richest man in the world, which sometimes seems like a boy playing with strollers, spaceships and bulldozers.

Musk, a restless guy

Born in South Africa in 1971 (more about his biography at Elon Musk: the tycoon who can pay Argentina’s debt, but his first Tesla was a failure) is a restless man. The evidence shows that it does not conform to what is established: revolutionized the automotive industry, wants to embed chips in the human brain and works obsessively to get to Mars.

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The list of companies that he founded, many of which are still active, show the Musk’s chameleon character.

All of Elon Musk’s companies, plus Twitter

His journey as an entrepreneur began in 1995. Around this time, a young Musk enrolled at Stanford University for a Ph.D. in physics, though he barely took two classes. His attention was on Zip2, a company he created together with his brother Kimbal. That firm offered website hosting and maintenance for media companies.

With the eventual risks of sweetening, the story goes that the Musk brothers lived for a time in the small office of Zip2 (a habit that he liked it), although by 1999 they already had close to 200 clients, including New York Times. The company was sold that year and Elon received 22 million dollars.

12 million went to X.coma financial platform that was one of the first online banks and that around the year 2000 became PayPal, the famous Internet payment service. Musk was ousted at a meeting while on his honeymoon: Shareholders pushed him out and named Peter Thiel, a businessman who is also credited for having been an early investor in Facebook, as his replacement.

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When eBay bought PayPal, Musk pocketed 180 million dollarsenough to found the companies of their dreams.

Elon Musk dresses up as an astronaut with SpaceX

In 2002, Musk began to chart the path of SpaceX, your aerospace company. By then he already had in mind the plan that is now moving forward: a manned trip to Mars.

In addition to Twitter, these are all Elon Musk's companies

Currently this company collaborates with NASA on flights to the International Space Station and in future missions that will return humans to the Moon. In addition, the firm (which repeats Musk’s adoration for the letter “X”) has already released tourist flights to spacein a raw competition with proposals from other tycoons, including Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin.

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The most ambitious plan SpaceX It is the trip to the red planet, which Musk defined as extremely dangerous but necessary for the future of humanity. Meanwhile, that company manages a more earthly project: Starlink, which offers satellite internet connection.

Tesla, Musk’s electric cars

Two years after founding SpaceX, the businessman invested in Tesla Motors (now Tesla, plain) an automotive company named after an inventor with erratic luck, dedicated to the manufacture of electric vehicles.

In addition to Twitter, these are all Elon Musk's companies

This Musk initiative has become the emblem of its sector over the years. Currently, the businessman is the CEO of the company in which few trusted his origins. “They told me that this was impossible, that I was a big liar. But here I have a car that you can drive. This is not a fucking unicorn, ”he said in reference to one of his developments, with a defiant tone that is not uncommon for him.

Tesla not only has its focus on electric mobility; also plans to launch autonomous cars, those who move forward without a human driver at the wheel. Under this brand, recently appeared on the scene a humanoid robot Tesla Bot that Musk plans to launch to cook, clean and maintain.

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“It was initially intended to replace people in repetitive, boring and dangerous tasks. But the vision is that it will serve in millions of homes to cook, mow the lawn and take care of the elderly, ”Musk explained about this new tantrum.

Musk participates in the solar energy business with SolarCity

Founded in 2006, this company was founded by Musk along with his cousin, Lyndon Rive. The Twitter’s new owner He is the chairman of SolarCity’s board of directors and the main investor, although he does not handle day-to-day operations. In addition to this, this company is related to Tesla by proposing alternative energy sources, in this case solar. Strictly speaking, it has been merged with the automaker since 2016.

Neuralink: Musk’s most eccentric plan?

The 51-year-old tycoon is also involved in the field of neuroscience. His sign neurolinkfounded in 2016, is perhaps the most extravagant in its very complete curriculum.

In short, the plan is insert chips into the human brain to acquire machine skills and interact with electronic devices in innovative ways. Neuralink has already shown some progress, in tests carried out with pigs and monkeys. When will human testing begin? That remains to be seen.

In addition to Twitter, these are all Elon Musk's companies

Perhaps to convince the general public (and also the medical authorities and the scientific community) Musk has said that the initial purpose of these processors will be to offer solutions to people with neurodegenerative diseases.

The Boring Company tunnels

With a funny name (“boring” translates into Spanish as “boring” but also as “drill”) this Musk company is dedicated to excavation with the aim of creating tunnels to alleviate vehicular chaos in cities.

Yes, Elon Musk is a restless guy!

Cars, ships, brain implants, tunnels and social networks are not enough for Musk. The billionaire has time for more activities: he recently launched a burnt hair scented perfume; on one occasion she presented a flamethrower; and also bottles of vodka with the logo of his car. He also participated in the founding of OpenAIan organization (from which he is already separated) that investigates the scope of artificial intelligence.

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Now, Musk’s assistants will have to find some holes in their schedule so that the richest man in the world apply to Twitter all the changes you foresee. That is the new chiche of the businessman, a boy who already has 51 springs.

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In addition to Twitter, these are all Elon Musk’s companies