If you don’t know what to watch this summer, Bill Gates recommends a political Netflix series with 100% approval from critics

Every time Bill Gates speaks, the world pays attention to what he says. The creator of Microsoft, converted into a philanthropist in the last decade, has taken advantage of his latest interventions to share his opinion on different popular aspects. Thus, in recent weeks he has not hidden his passion for artificial intelligence, an aspect that has led him to say that these tools will take the place of Google and Amazon. However, this time he has published an entry on his blog focused on what is, for him, the current Netflix series: borgin.

Although it was released more than 10 years agospecifically in September 2010, Gates wanted to dedicate a recent publication of The Gates Notes to praise the value of borgin. This one, with political overtones and similar to others like house of cardsis one of the best series in the history of television thanks to an almost unheard of fact: has a 100% positive rating from critics. And, for that same reason, Gates has recommended to his readers that they give it a chance and turn it into the summer star series.

A series with political overtones and an important lesson

In essence, Borgen deals with the story of Birgitte Nyborg, the Danish prime minister after winning a stunning victory that will give her the chance to start a wave of political fights. For Gates, what is most relevant is how “political coalitions come together and stick together”, an aspect to which he adds the role of Nyborg. Thus, he describes the protagonist as “a talented and principled leader who is also reliable, but who is also sometimes wrong.” For this reason, he ends her argument about the series by recommending her and emphasizing that she “is entertaining”, but above all, she is also he has learned a lot watching it.

For those interested, Borgen is available on Netflix and has 38 episodes of 1 hour duration divided into 4 seasons. In it, actors of the stature of Pilou Asbaek appear, an interpreter that all fans of Game of Thrones thanks to your work as Euron Greyjoy in the last seasons of fiction. In this way, Gates wanted to take advantage of his impact to recommend a series to his followers that, for him, should be the star of the summer.

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If you don’t know what to watch this summer, Bill Gates recommends a political Netflix series with 100% approval from critics