If you are going to delete your Facebook account, take these tips into account

On some occasions people decide to delete permanently or for a certain time, their Facebook accountwhether for personal or other reasons.

But for whatever reason, if you decide to get rid of the social network belonging to mark zuckerbergwe recommend you take into account some tips.

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How to delete my Facebook account?

First of all, first make sure to save in an external memory or in the so-called ‘cloud’, those images, videos or multimedia that you would like to keep.

And if you don’t know how to do it, it’s very simple, you can do it from your cell phone, a tablet or any computer.

To do this, you must first log in or have the network open, then go to the informationthen, with your ‘mouse’ cursor or your finger on the cell phone, go to the bottom of that section.

Choose ‘download information‘ and enter the dates you want (in this way your information will be protected on your mobile, the cloud or your computer).

It should be noted that the very social network gives you the option of sending you the downloaded information in HTML or in JSONand you will decide what is best for you, depending on what you want to do with that data.

Do not forget to close all the windows that you have used, while browsing the digital platform, check these steps in the ‘Settings and Privacy – Apps and Websites‘.

Lastly, if you want to just delete your account for a while, you’ll need to select ‘deactivate‘, this will allow you to return whenever you want, otherwise, if you want to disappear from the network map forever, you must give ‘remove‘.

So now that you know how to delete your Facebook account permanently or not, we recommend checking at least twice that your media content has been successfully downloaded and saved.

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If you are going to delete your Facebook account, take these tips into account