“I am a player”. Bill Gates acknowledges that “it is about time” to describe himself as such and talks about the type of games he spends the most time on

The video game is an unstoppable medium. Today, the industry has expanded adapting to the tastes of all types of users; from the hardcore gamer looking for challenging experiences to the founder of one of the biggest tech companies on the planet. Just because, Bill Gates has also enjoyed the experiences born in the sector in question and, although it has been slow to admit it, finally he sees himself as just another player.

The founder of Microsoft has come to this conclusion after reading the book ‘Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow‘, which explores the friendship of two young people who are passionate about video games who decide to partner to develop a project. Apparently, Gates has felt so identified with the novel that he has not been able to avoid dedicating a post on your blog to add reflections on his relationship with the environment.

“I never thought I would identify with a video game book, but I loved Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow,” writes the Microsoft founder. “I am a player? For a long time, I would have said no because I don’t spend hundreds of hours digging into a game.”

“But when I was younger, I loved arcade games and was really good at Tetris. And over the last couple of years, I’ve started playing a lot of Bridge online and games like Spelling Bee, and a bunch of Wordle variants. The Definition of a player is becoming much broader and more inclusive, and it would be fair to start calling me that“.

Bill Gates looks back on his life before Microsoft

‘Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow’ analyzes the ins and outs of a friendship that is complicated by conflicting ideas about the development of a video game, and Gates remembers having gone through something similar with paul allena childhood friend with whom he had some friction back in the 1980s, as they remember from PC Gamer. However, both put these fights aside to maintain a good relationship that would last until 2018, the year of Allen’s death.

“An opening chapter describing how Sam and Sadie [protagonistas del libro] working until dawn in a dirty apartment in Cambridge, Massachusetts, it could just as easily have been about me and Paul coming up with the idea for Microsoft,” Gates explains. “Like Sam and Sadie, we worked together every day for years. Paul’s vision and his contributions to the company were absolutely critical to his success, and so he decided to turn the page. We had a great relationship, but not without some of the complexities that success brings.”

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“I am a player”. Bill Gates acknowledges that “it is about time” to describe himself as such and talks about the type of games he spends the most time on