How Warren Buffett taught Bill Gates to enjoy free time: you don’t have to fill the agenda

Bill Gates learned a lesson from Warren Buffett that he continues to put into practice to this day and that has made him have a better relationship with work.

Bill Gates is one of the richest and most successful men in the world, but he also knows how to value free time. In a recent interview, the founder of Microsoft revealed that it was his friend Warren Buffett who taught him to appreciate leisure time and not overload his schedule.

Warren Buffett is one of the most recognized and respected investors in the financial world.. His fortune is estimated at more than $118 billion, but his lifestyle is simple and austere. Buffett is also a philanthropist and an advisor to many businessmen, including Bill Gates.

Gates and Buffett met in 1991 and have forged a close friendship ever since.. Gates has acknowledged on several occasions that Buffett has been a source of inspiration and wisdom for him, both professionally and personally. One of the aspects in which he has influenced her the most is the way she manages her time.

In an interview, Gates said that when he met Buffett he was surprised to see that his agenda was almost empty. The tycoon explained that this was because he preferred to have time to think, read and reflect, instead of filling his day with meetings and commitments.

Bill Gates learned a valuable lesson from Warren Buffet

Gates admitted that he had a hard time understanding that philosophy at first., since he was used to working non-stop and taking advantage of every minute of his schedule. However, he eventually realized that Buffett was right and that free time was a precious and scarce resource.

Since then, Gates has tried to follow Buffett’s example and spend more time doing activities that he enjoys and relaxes, such as reading, playing bridge or spending time with his family. He has also reduced the number of meetings and trips he takes, and has delegated more responsibilities to his team.

Gates assured that this way of organizing his time has helped him to be more creative, productive and happy.. In addition, it has allowed her to become more involved in his philanthropic foundation, which he runs with his wife Melinda Gates, and which is dedicated to improving health and education in the world.

So Bill Gates has learned a valuable lesson from Warren Buffett: free time is not a waste of time, but an opportunity to grow, learn and enjoy. It is not necessary to fill the agenda with activities to demonstrate seriousness or commitment, but knowing how to prioritize what really matters.

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How Warren Buffett taught Bill Gates to enjoy free time: you don’t have to fill the agenda