How to achieve success? These are the secrets of mogul Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos He is the richest person in the world, according to the ‘Forbes’ portal. His fortune amounts to more than 200 billion dollars, an astronomical figure if converted into Colombian pesos.

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The secrets of the tycoon and founder of Amazon were revealed by Brad Stone, a journalist for the portal ‘Bloomberg’. Stone followed in his footsteps and compiled everything in the book ‘Amazon Unbound’.

It describes some of Bezos’ strategies to achieve success with his e-commerce and technology services company, as reviewed by ‘British GQ’ magazine.

Randomly expose during meetings

Bezos has meetings on Wednesday mornings. According to the aforementioned portal, you can see about 200 managers from Amazon’s cloud computing division. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss different topics of their works.

So use a color roulette. Each one spins it and, depending on the topic indicated by the roulette wheel, must present it to his colleagues in order to ensure that he is very aware of the company’s metrics.

Think and design future products

Jeff’s company sparked a revolution by launching ‘Amazon Kindle’. A device or tablet that serves as an e-book reader.

‘Amazon Kindle’ serves as a digital book viewer.

Its first version dates from 2007, but over the years the device has been updated. The reception has been enough; For example, in 2013 they sold more than 20 million tablets representing about $ 4 billion for the company, according to information from ‘Forbes’ magazine.

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It was a bit more like ‘Star Trek’

Jeff made a sketch of the tablet which included a microphone. Engineers were surprised that voice or assistant functionality had not been intended to be in the product.

“It was a bit more like ‘Star Trek’ than reality,” one of the employees mentioned, quoted by ‘British GQ’.

Although they were amazed, the engineers did not want to include that functionality, but in the end they listened to it. The voice assistant it is one of the tools that is currently present in multiple devices.

Write ‘PR FAQs’

Surely you associate ‘PQR’ with ‘requests, complaints and claims’; an important aspect in companies so that they are aware of the requests of their clients and other audiences.

However, the mogul focuses on ‘frequently asked questions in public relations’ or ‘PR FAQs’. Broadly speaking, it refers to a kind of 6-page statement that Amazon sends to the media and its customers to explain the new products that will hit the market.

It is more than a report, as it seeks to accurately describe what the product means to everyone, its impact and innovation, through a pleasant narrative.

Not only does he do it with clients and media, Bezos has a habit of writing letters to investors where it is expressed with a friendly and close prose.

Hire employees from other areas of the company

Alexa It is the voice assistant that Amazon devices have and that the company has even transferred to household appliances.

Dave Limp, vice president of Amazon, said that by 2019, more than 100 million devices had been sold with the assistant included.


Alexa is a voice assistant.

“They have the lead in many numbers: 150+ products with built-in Alexa, more than 28,000 smart home devices that work with Alexa and that are manufactured by more than 4,500 different manufacturers and more than 70,000 assistant skills ”, described the portal ‘The Verge’ in front of the success of the company.

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According to Brad Stone’s book, Bezos decided to make a internal call for your employees to participate in the development of Alexa. That allowed him to promote many people and explore new career fields, as they were employees in the area of ​​web services and retail.

Also, it made the company accelerate hiring processes and begin more agile to structure the voice assistant.

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.


Sajjad Hussain. AFP

Go beyond customer requests

We have to tap into our own inner imagination about what is possible

“Much of what we create is based on listening to customers”, is read in one of the paragraphs of a letter Jeff sent to investors from Amazon in 2018.

Bezos emphasizes in that letter that customers are the reason for being of any company.

However, he believes it necessary to go beyond his requests to Invent in his name. We have to tap into our own inner imagination about what is possible ”, wrote.

Part of that imagination that asks employees had been present long before in the company. From the information of ‘British GQ’, Bezos went further with the development of ‘Amazon Fire’, a cell phone that had 3D cameras.

However, it seems that the strategy with that cell phone was not adequate, as some criticized. The medium ‘The Guardian’ estimated that 20 days after the launch they had only been sold 35 thousand cell phone units.

Amazon Fire Phone

This device offered a screen with a 3D visualization without the need to wear glasses.

“It seems more a curiosity than a ‘barnstormer’ (something successful)”, read ‘The Guardian’ in 2014.

Still, the road to success is not perfect and Jeff seems to know it all too well.

Have a ‘shadow’ advisor

The person who follows Jeff in all his meetings, helps him in writing the investor letters and is aware of any of his requests is called advisor ‘in the shade’.

The position allows Bezos to nourish himself with a different vision of his work and also makes the advisor learn alongside the tycoon.

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One of those advisers was Andy Jassy, who in this 2021 assumed the executive direction of Amazon. “He is well known within the company and has been here almost as long as I have. He will be an outstanding leader and he has all my confidence ”, Jeff stated in a letter to his employees on February 2, 2021.

Andy Jassy

Andy Jassy is CEO of Amazon after the departure of Jeff Bezos.

“Keep inventing and don’t despair when the idea seems crazy at first. Remember to wander. Let it curiosity be your compass. Stay on day 1 ”, Bezos wrote at the end of the letter to encourage his employees in the new directions of the company.

Know when to aim and when to shoot

Don’t spend a lot of time on analysis and precision

“There are two ways to build a business. Many times, you point, point, point and then shoot. Or you shoot, shoot, shoot and then aim a little ”, Bezos commented at a meeting when he was in India to announce new investments to Amazon’s headquarters in that country, according to the magazine ‘British GQ’.

The billionaire invited the attendees: “Don’t spend a lot of time on analysis and precision. Keep trying things”.

Hence, Jeff is not so fond of sitting down to analyze situations for thousands of hours; prefers to act.

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