Horizon Home, the new virtual space to meet friends

It’s been a while since Mark Zuckerberg announced his plans in the metaverse to the world in October 2021. With the arrival of Meta, his creator promised that it would be a space to socialize with friends, but he has not been able to fulfill that promise until now. Yesterday the company’s new functionality, Horizon Home, was officially presented, with which users can organize meetups in the metaverse with the help of Meta Quest 2.

When Meta was presented, it was said that one of the objectives was that it would be a place to socialize with friends, a space where you could simply receive visitors to chat and hang out in this virtual environment. Yesterday that promise was fulfilled, with the official presentation of Horizon Home. With this new toolusers will be able to have their own virtual spaces and stay there with their friends. For now, several scenarios (such as a spaceship or a Japanese landscape) have been designed to choose from, but it is expected that in a short time each one will be able to create their own. Apart from being able to watch videos and play games, the tool also allows the integration of other applications.

The Horizon Home feature is now available in the Meta Quest v41 update, the VR goggles required to enter the metaverse. For the presentation, Mark Zuckerberg invited Alex Honnold, renowned rock-wall climber and protagonist of the documentary ‘Free Solo’, to his virtual space. Each one connected from his house to share the experience of being on the platform, learn about its features and watch together a 360º video that the climber recorded on one of his expeditions to the Dolomites in Italy.

learning in the metaverse

Another novelty that Meta has announced is the creation of a ‘metaverse academy’, in collaboration with Simplon, a higher school of digital studies. This project will be located in France and is scheduled to start with the start of the 2022 academic year. As Laurent Solly, Meta’s vice president for Southern Europe, explained to the AFP agency, this school will be “free, territorial, innovative” and oriented towards employment. “Our goal is to train a hundred students the first year in two trades of the metaverse. The first is that of a developer specialized in immersive technologies and the second as a support and assistance technician, ”he added.

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Horizon Home, the new virtual space to meet friends