He presented himself as the double of Pico Monaco but they confused him with Mark Zuckerberg – El litoral

Although every afternoon the participants who claim to be very similar to some celebrity pass through the door of the Similarities in Welcome aboard (eltrece), it is not always easy to identify who they are. And this Thursday that happened when a man went to the program and introduced himself as Juan ‘Pico’ Monaco’s double, but they confused him with Mark Zuckerberg. In fact, it was the contestant himself who had to reveal his identity.

As is tradition since the premiere of this segment, Guido Kaczka approached the popular door to welcome the participant, who entered the studio immediately. With some shyness and his hands in his pockets, but with a big smile, the man walked with the driver.

Let’s see, let’s see, let’s see. Oh, who does he look like? ”Asked Kaczka as the camera focused more closely on the face of the 32-year-old organic producer, a native of La Plata.

Immediately, the driver wanted to give the pass to his assistants to find out if any of them already had the identity of the participant. Valentina’s gestures indicated insecurity, but Francesca’s case was different. The woman held the microphone and said: “I started well”, referring to the fact that she knew who the famous person was, and Guido approached her to hear the name in her ear.

The young woman seemed in a hurry and the driver did not understand what she was saying and despite hearing a “how?” From Kaczka’s mouth, Francesca stepped forward and said, “Mark Zuckerberg.” At that moment, the contestant laughed at the answer.

Also the presenter, who seemed to be going in slow motion compared to the rhythm of the others in the studio, expressed: “Yes? Are you Mark Zuckerberg? ”, A question that came late as it became clear between the assistant and the man that it was not the creator of Facebook.

Later, Guido went to Valentina in the hope that she would be able to guess the identity of the subject. “Are you the one who makes the movie Permitidos with Lali Espósito?” Said the young woman, who was referring to Martín Piroyansky, the singer’s co-star in that film.

Valentina didn’t find the character either, and Guido made a mischievous comment: “For me, you have to unsubscribe her from the platform, because it invades her so much that she can’t think of anything else.” In this way, the chicaneó for watching a lot of Netflix content, something that apparently makes her respond to any similarity at the time of the game.

Meanwhile, the camera focused on the face of the contestant, who laughed while listening to the ideas that the staff offered. “Look, Guido’s face,” said the young man, who little by little began to notice that his resemblance could hardly be guessed.

Lastly, Kaczka asked him to reveal the identity. “I am Pico Monaco,” he said. Although a comparative image of the tennis player and him was displayed on the screen, the presenter took time to associate him until he finally manifested. “Look, yes Pico Monaco, but total, friend”, he reacted exalted.

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He presented himself as the double of Pico Monaco but they confused him with Mark Zuckerberg – El litoral