Has Elon Musk really left Daniel Radcliffe without Twitter?

about the arrival of Elon Musk Twitter, you can say what you want, but something is indisputable: it is giving us many topics of conversation. As, without going any further, the presumed cancellation of the account of Daniel Radcliffe in the social network.

This may come as a surprise, since Radcliffe has never been noted for its online activity. But the facts are what they are: the Twitter profile called “@DanielRadcliffe” has disappeared from the network. The reason for the bolt would have been that the actor used said account to imitate ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, the musician he plays in the biopic Weird.

If we assume that all this is true, the story can give many arguments to Musk’s detractors, who has announced a firm ban on parody accounts that do not make their status as such explicit. However, what has actually happened has nothing to do with this. Or yes, but in a very different way.

Because to begin with Daniel Radcliffe has never had a Twitter account. The English actor has a notable allergy to social media, and that includes Musk’s brand new property. In reality, “@DanielRadcliffe” was a parodic profile posing as the actor…and for the past few weeks, posing as ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic. Simple, right?

What was missing to complete this broken phone game? Well, ‘Weird Al’ himself entering the rag. Either because he really would have bitten, or because he added fuel to the fire and had a few laughs, the creator of Amish Paradise Y Like A Surgeon he echoed the alleged cancellation of Radcliffe on his own twitter (this, real… or so we think).

Thus, the Daniel Radcliffe – Elon Musk – ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic case seems like a perfect storm in which both the efforts of the South African millionaire to promote payment services on the social network (such as the famous eight dollars in exchange for obtaining a verified account), the dissemination of unverified information and an artist who has turned jokes into his livelihood.

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Has Elon Musk really left Daniel Radcliffe without Twitter?