Grimes confesses that ‘he has done something crazy’

canadian singer Grimes he seems to be very clear about how he wants to lead his artistic career, but much more about how he wants to express his art, for which he often uses his own body as the best canvas on which to express himself. It is for this reason that the singer is no stranger to the world of tattoo art, the body-artfantasy or body modifications.

What’s more, just a few weeks ago Grimes herself (real name: Claire Elise Boucher) confessed one of her big dreams: to have her ears operated on to show them pointed, like an elf.

Grimes has always claimed to be a fan of body modifications.

This is how he confessed it on his social networks, hoping to know the opinions of his followers and to know what the surgery and subsequent recovery from a similar procedure consisted of, hoping that his fears would calm him. An operation in which the singer should modify the cartilage of her ears, until she achieves that desired pointed shape.

Well, it seems that it could have had an effect because, just a month later, the singer shared another image through Twitter that left her followers speechless.

The snapshot, in which the artist could be seen covered in bandages in what appears to be some kind of surgical procedure in the area of ​​her ears, is accompanied by a brief message: “I have done something crazy!”

At the moment, it is not known what his ex thinks, Elon Musk, who did not seem to agree very much when she expressed her desire to have surgery last August. The businessman gave his opinion on the Canadian’s plans, saying: “The disadvantages of elf ear surgery probably outweigh the advantages.”

The singer, who had a four-year relationship with the Tesla tycoon and with whom he has two children in common; he maintains a cordial relationship with the father of his children, to whom it seems that he usually asks for his opinion on things.

It will not be the last procedure

The pointed ears to look like an elf is not the only body modification that the artist would like to make, who has stated on several occasions that she wants to make other changes to her appearance. Without going any further, on August 15, the Canadian turned to Twitter again to ask if someone could make her false vampire teeth in the area of ​​Austin, Texas (USA), where she was at that time. . The artist also flirted with red eyes, for which she put on colored contacts, in a music video in which she acted as a ninja with Bella Poarch.

Grimes expresses her talent in unusual ways.

Grimes expresses her talent in unusual ways.

“I am not interested in conventional beauty,” he confessed on that same social network, “but in everything that looks different.” At the moment, as she explained to one of her fans, she will spend the next few years completely transforming her body, with numerous tattoos that will cover her completely and all the modifications that she has always dreamed of. .

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Grimes confesses that ‘he has done something crazy’