Goodbye to “Twitter for iPhone”, Elon Musk loads this Twitter function

We will no longer know if there are companies like Samsung or Huawei tweeting from an iPhone, Elon Musk has removed this function from Twitter.

Elon Musk has arrived on Twitter with an idea for change that it really seems that he is not knowing how to carry it out. After the problem with Twitter Blue and the threat of make all users pay for using the social networkthe next measure of the eccentric owner of Twitter has been to eliminate the device from which the message was written tweet.

Since practically the beginnings of Twitter, just below the each tweet we can see from which platform it has been written with texts like “Twitter for iPhone” or “Twitter for Android”. However, it seems that good old Elon doesn’t like this and he has decided to stop showing this message.

Twitter on iPhone

Elon Musk continues with his changes on Twitter, this is going to take away a lot of sauce from us

Really It’s not too deep a change. and nobody knows exactly why Twitter showed this, but what is clear is that it will improve the lives of many CM of official accounts.

Community Managers of Android accounts, you can now use an iPhone without problems

This change in Twitter promoted by Elon Musk is going to save us a lot of funny situations. For years we have seen how official accounts of Android brands, such as samsung, Huawei either even googlehave tweeted using iPhone instead of your own devices.

Samsung tweets from an iPhone

Several official Samsung accounts have tweeted this an iPhone, from now on we will no longer know

This has led to much criticism, even layoffs at some of these brands. of course now all the CMs of this type of account will be much calmer and will be able to use their iPhone normally. Twitter will no longer reveal that, even if they work for these brands, they are using an iPhone.

Instead of “Twitter for iPhone” or “Twitter for Android”, we’ll start to see other types of phrases and platforms that manage the social networks of each account.

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This Twitter change it will not affect us too much, only that we will be left without knowing which brands are using iPhone instead of their own devices. It is certainly not as important a change as that of the double verification that Elon has also activated on Twitterbut it’s going to take away a lot of great stories from us.

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Goodbye to “Twitter for iPhone”, Elon Musk loads this Twitter function