From Mark Zuckerberg to Bill Gates: Billionaires’ Most Unexpected Savings Tips

There are people who became famous for their success in their businesses or their work or for creations that changed the course of time and that from then on they generated important fortunes.

But, as the note on the site Dinero en Imagen says, what is not known about them are their strange habits so as not to waste their money.

Here, the collection of Money in Image of their most striking customs.

Mark Zuckerberg

Creator and CEO of Facebook

“Live below your means”

To put it into practice, Zuckerberg Not only does he discard luxury objects, he also has a very simple and not ostentatious dress.

Mark Zuckerberg discards luxury items Photo REUTERS / Erin Scott.

Elon Musk

Creator and CEO of Tesla Motors and Space X

“Try to live with almost nothing”

Musk he was clear about where he wanted to go and did not intend for any distractor to divert him from that goal. So she decided this: she lived for a time with the “live on a dollar a day” method so she could focus on her dreams.

Bill Gates

Microsoft Creator

“Take a cautious view”

That is the key that the entrepreneur shares computer scientist and philanthropist. In his opinion, it is a form of saving little used because the income is usually spent on services, articles and experiences without taking into account unforeseen events that may occur.

In those cases, the way out will be to acquire a loan. Which will involve payment of interest.

Bill Gates suggests having foreseen setbacks Photo AP.

Bill Gates suggests having foreseen setbacks Photo AP.

Steve Jobs

Founder of Apple

“Only buy what is necessary”

It is said that Jobs was an extremely thrifty person when it came to buying clothes. He only acquired the things that he thought he would need at some point. One of the anecdotes that circulates is that he decided not to buy a coat because he thought that he would not use it too many times to justify his expense.

Warren Buffet

CEO Berkshire Hathaway

“I chose a modest house”

The investment guru bought a house in Oklahoma, Nebraska, 50 years ago at a very affordable price. It is said that it is still his residence today.

Warren Buffett assures that he lives in a modest house Photo AP.

Warren Buffett assures that he lives in a modest house Photo AP.

Azim Premji

President of Wipro

“Forget about having ‘class'”

The so-called Tsar of India avoids staying in five-star hotels. It is even said that he used plastic plates for his son’s wedding.


Singer and businesswoman

“You have to look for gifts”

One of the greatest pop icons of our generation avoids excessive purchases and prefers to wear the jewelry and clothing offered as a trade-in or gift.

Beyoncé prefers gifts and exchanges AFP Photo.

Beyoncé prefers gifts and exchanges AFP Photo.

Ingvard Kamprad

Founder of IKEA

“Eat simple meals”

One of their habits: to dine at home the dishes that they cook for the employees.

Michael Bloomberg

The former mayor of New York and founder of the Bloomberg consultancy

“Reduce expenses on your shoes”

Some time ago he confessed that he had only worn two pairs of shoes in the last decade. To extend their useful life, they usually repair them as many times as necessary.

Jay Leno

Television presenter

“Have two jobs, save the salary of one”

The mantra that accompanied Leno all his life. Being very young, he worked in a car company and a food company. One of the salaries he used to live and the other he saved. So it continued even when he was the most famous television presenter in the United States, he worked doing stand-up comedy.

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