From María Pombo to Carlota Casiraghi: the famous pregnant women

With the arrival of new Year The first news about celebrities also arrives. And on this occasion, 2023 opens with a very nice news of three celebrities who have announced that they will soon be mothers. The first to hit the bomb was Isabelle Junot, Marchioness of Cubas, who awaits the arrival of her first child with Tamara Falcó’s cousin. Also the actress Inma Cuesta She took advantage of January 1 to make her second pregnancy official. Ireland Baldwindaughter of actor Alec Baldwin, is also waiting for the stork. Carlota Casiraghi​, Jessie J., Andrés Iniesta and Anna Ortiz, Mark Zuckerberg, María Isabel, Sandra Blázquez and Gina Rodríguez they will expand their families very soon. The last to announce pregnancy has been Maria Pomboalthough his was an open secret.

Maria Pombo

We were all waiting for confirmation. Maria Pombo has preferred to wait to make it official, after she herself leaked the news by mistake during his interview in The resistance. “I know it was a secret with voicesthat a lot of people knew about it, but hey… It makes people talk, because I was the one who accidentally leaked it, and I regret so muchso much, so much of that day, because I have been receiving messages for three months,” explains the influencer in her Instagram stories, where she has also shared the video of the moment in which she broke the news to her husbandPablo Castilian.

In the video you can see how it is Martin, his first son, the one who takes the pregnancy test to his father, who can’t believe what he’s seeing. His surprised face says it all. “Love multiplies. We are completely happy. We were looking forward to it, a little brother for Martín,” admits María Pombo.

Charlotte Casiraghi

The Monaco royals are preparing to expand the family. This is what the French magazine says voiciAfter months of rumours. In this medium they assure that Charlotte Casiraghi and her husband, Dimitri Rassam, are expecting their second child together, the third for her. The couple said “I do” a year after having their little one. Furthermore, Casiraghi has another eight year oldthe fruit of her marriage to gad elmaleh. They still do not know the sex of the baby, but according to the aforementioned media, Carolina de Monaco is hoping that she is a girl after having given birth to two children. At the moment, no member of the Monaco royalty has spoken about it. Be that as it may, I’m sure Raphaël and Balthazar They are looking forward to their little brother or sister.

Monaco National Day: Charlotte Casiraghi and Dimitri Rassam

The couple is expecting their second child together GTRES

Jessie J.

The singer has announced that she will be a mother in 2023 with a emotional video in the networks In it, Jessie J. summarizes How has the process of the last few months been?since he found out until the first ultrasounds, with his background song “Sunflower”. “I’m both happy and terrified to finally share this… Honestly your girl just wants to cry in public in a catsuit while she eats chocolate covered pickles and no questions asked,” she wrote alongside. She immediately other singers like Kelly Rowland, Ellie Goulding, Rita Ora or Leona Lewis, among others, have congratulated him.

Isabelle Junot

YoSabelle Junot, the great revelation of Master Chef Celebrity 7, lives one of the best moments of his life: “I thought this year could not be more magical,” he wrote on his Instagram account. Next to it, a carousel of photographs where he shows how he is spending Christmas outside of Spain. And she takes the opportunity to announce the first bombshell of 2023: she is pregnant!

Barely eight months after her wedding to Álvaro FalcóMarquis of Cubas and cousin of Tamara Falcó, the Marquise and influencers celebrate your first steps in motherhood. The couple awaits the arrival of their first child, of which they still do not know the sex. “Happy New Year from me and my tummy,” Isabelle Junot wrote below in English.

Inma Cuesta

Inma Cuesta it is already mother of a girl two years old Y repeat the experience of motherhood together with your partner. Like Junot, the actress has taken the beach as a reference this Christmas and has published a photograph showing off her tummy with a beautiful sunset background. “2023. The family grows. Never has a beginning of the year been more filled with love and happiness.. Happy New Year!”, she has written next to her announcement.

Andres Iniesta and Anna Ortiz

Andrés Iniesta and Anna Ortiz are in luck. According to the magazine Weekthe marriage continues to increase their family and after their happiness with Valeria, Paolo Andrea, Siena and Romeo, They are going for their fifth child! It will arrive throughout this 2023 and although they have not yet spoken, they have published some images celebrating the new year where Anna Ortiz shows her maternity belly.

A wonderful news for the couple, whose prudence would prevail due to the “super traumatic experience” that turned their lives “upside down” in 2014, when they lost what was to be their second child after eight months of pregnancy. In the meantime, Iniesta and Anna continue to live with their children in the Japanese town of Kobewhere they are perfectly adapted to oriental culture.

Ireland Baldwin

Alec Baldwin’s daughter announced on New Year’s Eve that in 2023 she will be a mother with the publication of a photograph of an ultrasound. Its about Ireland’s first child with boyfriend RAC, who also announced the news on their networks. Next to the image congratulated on New Year. She later confirmed the news again with another image on her stories: that of the pregnancy test. Also, Ireland receives 2023 with a Change of looks radical: haircuts are back pixies!

mark zuckerberg

with this beautiful photographthe Facebook founder and his wife, Priscilla Chan, have joined in announcing a new ‘baby boom’ on January 1. The couple expect a daughter: “Happy New Year. Here are all the adventures and love that comes in 2023,” Zuckerberg wrote on his Instagram account. And Priscilla has shared the image with another message: “With much love I share that my children Max and August are going to have a new little sister next summer.”

gina rodriguez

Secondly, the actress of Jane the Virgin is pregnant and is expecting her first baby with Joe LoCicero. The actress announced the news on her 38th birthday on July 30. Since then, Gina Rodríguez has shared images of her pregnancy and on New Years he has written: “Just a few more weeks, little one.” It is the time you need to get out of accounts and have your baby in your arms.

Sandra Blazquez

Too actress Sandra Blazquez will welcome their baby in 2023. And like other celebritieshas made it public with a beautiful snapshot of a sunset with the sea in the background where boasts of tummy. “In the hands of nature,” she has written alongside her Instagram post. Immediately his castmates in Physics or chemistrysuch as Angy Fernández, Javier Calvo or Blanca Romero, have sent their congratulations through the comments.

Maria Isabel

“We are going to be parents. And we were dying to share this news with you, we have been waiting a prudent time to know that everything is fine”, thus announced the winner of Junior Eurovision 2004 with “Before dead than simple” who would be a mother She could not attend the Junior Eurovision anniversary because she is already in her third trimester of pregnancy and very soon María Isabel will expand the family with her partner Jesús Marchenaa few months after being engaged.

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From María Pombo to Carlota Casiraghi: the famous pregnant women