From Jeff Bezos’s trip to space to the Titanic submarine: this is the most exclusive experiences for millionaires

Monday was known missing in Atlantic waters of a submersible that was taking tourists to visit the remains of the Titanic, which has led to the start of a search and rescue operation. This news highlights the exclusivity of this type of experience, only suitable for some budgets. The company in charge of the expeditions is called Ocean Gate and offers eight-day tour packages that cost around 250,000 dollars, about 228,000 euros to the current change. After the disappearance of the submarine, the company’s website has been deactivated, so the details of the exclusive packages cannot be known.

OceanGate has the latest technology in submersibles. The missing model named titancan reach depths of up to 4,000 meters deep, is made of carbon fiber and has been used for both research and exploration of the ocean floor.

the future of luxury tourism turns towards a horizon of exclusive experiences arranged to satisfy the most extreme tastes, often at a high cost that can go beyond money. Hotels in space, visits to the Moon, trips in space capsules, parties thousands of meters high or nights in the most exclusive hotels for more than 100,000 euros per night. These are some of the luxury experiences demanded by the richest on the planet.

Space travels

Luxury hotel project in space


In 2001 the American billionaire Dennis Titus He became the first space tourist to fly to the International Space Station (ISS), where he stayed for almost a week and for which he paid 20 million dollars. However, the real impetus in this sector did not come until a few years ago when Richard Branson, Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos They have invested large sums of money and a lot of effort in bringing the space closer to those privileged people who can afford to shell out large sums of money.

Richard Branson, the billionaire owner of the Virgin conglomerate, is known for his reckless adventures. In 2011, he released Virgin Oceanic with the aim of exploring the deepest parts of the oceans, although that adventure had a short journey. However, the space enterprise of his, Virgin Galacticfocuses on suborbital tourism, in which passengers can pay about €200,000 for a luxurious trip into space.

Balloon rides outside the Earth

These capsules will fly 30 kilometers high

world view

Zero 2 Infinity a Spanish company that was born 13 years ago, work on a sustainable alternative to take tourists to space for a slightly cheaper price: a gigantic helium balloon called Project Bloon. “This option will allow us to see the Earth from the edge of space. At three times the height of an airliner, the sky is black, you can see the curvature of the earth and the thin layer of blue atmosphere that protects us”, says José Mariano López-Urdiales, general director of this company. Four passengers and two crew members can travel in each of these balloons, making it a most exclusive experience. Furthermore, the cost of this curious journeywhose duration is about four hours, has a much lower price than that of suborbital flights, around €110,000 . To date, this leading company has carried out more than 50 unmanned flights. The crews will begin twelve months after closing the financing.

For its part, the space tourism company world view of stratospheric balloons has already opened reservations for a five-day trip that promises to take passengers 30 kilometers high. Although these capsules do not allow you to actually go into space, NASA has stipulated that space itself is at an altitude of 80 kilometers. In fact, the Kármán Line it is established at 100 kilometers above sea level as the widely accepted spatial border. Even so, this trip will allow you to ascend high enough to see the curvature of the earth and the darkness of space.

The The company’s first commercial flights are already scheduled to begin in early 2024 with Grand Canyon National Park as the location for its first spaceport. The price per seat is of 50,000 dollars, about 43,500 euros. To reserve a place, you just have to enter the company’s website and give a deposit of $500. The idea is to make about 100 trips a year. The first commercial flight is already complete.

Parties on a plane for 13,000 euros/hour

The plane can accommodate up to 16 passengers

Five Hotels & Resorts

Five Hotels & Resort, a chain that has first class accommodations in Dubai and Zurich, has designed a new and exclusive experience that consists of being able to rent a private plane to organize parties in the air. An option available both for guests and for those who are willing to pay a large sum of money is that the flight price starts from the $13,000/$14,000 an hour (between 12,000/13,000 euros at the current exchange rate), a figure to which transport costs must be added. The maximum flight time is 12 hours.

The most expensive dinner in the world is served in Ibiza

Sublimotion Ibiza Menu Table


Located in the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza one of the most famous accommodations on Pitiusa Island, Sublimation It is much more than a typical restaurant. The first gastronomic performance in the world created by chef Paco Roncero and creative director Eduardo Gonzáles celebrates its tenth anniversary this year and returns to the island where it premiered to offer a totally renewed experience.

In each edition, the proposal of this exclusive restaurant focuses on combining art, gastronomy, design, music and choreography to surprise the only 12 diners that every night they live the experience. Since the previous edition, now you can also enjoy the experience of Roncero in the Metaverso, an experience that goes beyond the palate and whose price was €1,250 + VAT per person in its last edition.

Sleeping for $100,000/night in Dubai

This is the new luxury hotel in Dubai, the Atlantis The Royal


Located on Palm Jumeirah, the new Atlantis The Royal , which opened its doors last January surrounded by controversy over the performance of the singer Beyoncé – who would have earned some 24 million dollars for her participation – is one of the most opulent in the city and its construction cost about €1.280 million.

With 43 stories high and infinite views of the Arabian Sea and the Palm Island, this accommodation has all kinds of amenities, up to 17 restaurants inside and different accommodation options. The jewel in the crown is the Royal Mansiona two-story penthouse with a private hall with centuries-old olive trees that offers four bedrooms, a private terrace, an infinity pool, an outdoor kitchen, a dining room with capacity for twelve people, a bar area and an entertainment room and whose daily price amounts to some $100,000.

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From Jeff Bezos’s trip to space to the Titanic submarine: this is the most exclusive experiences for millionaires