Fortnite could be the beginning of the true metaverse: specialists say

“Fortnite”, a video game from Epic Games, could be the center and the beginning of the metaverse since it is, according to its creators, a decentralized social experience.

U.S.- “Fortnite” It is a video game developed by the company Epic Games, which was founded in 1991 but which, however, after more than three decades, is already gaining relevance and aims to be the true beginning of the ‘metaverse’.

Currently, no one knows what the metaverse is and although the movie “Ready Player One” of Steven Spielbergg has sought to throw a light on what it is, we are still far from said technology; however, the term, which has become one of the most popular in recent years, has gained great popularity.

In a Zoom F7 article, about “The Fortnite Metaverse: Epic Games’ Obsession”, assure that, although thirty years have passed since the founding of the companyits potential is just being glimpsed where ‘Fortnite’ would be the center of society in the future.

In 2019 Tim Sweeney was asked about what Fornite is and at that time, he assured that it was a video game; However, four years have passed since then and the game has incorporated a multitude of tools and new features.

To achieve its goal, Epic Games has created an ecosystem that goes from the creation of video games, to stores and through an engine that is used to develop video games and movies: the Unreal Engine.

According to an article in The vanguarda, they assure that Mark Zuckerberg has a ghost because the great plan of the creator of Facebook has a lot to do with the success he has experienced “Fortnite” During the last years.

“Fortnite” is more than a video game.

This is not too much, since the magnitude that Epic Games has experienced has been such that Tim Sweeney, one of its creators, started talking about “Fortnite” as more than just a decentralized social experience.

Long ago, Fortnite escaped from its ‘battle royale’ and it became a game where you can do more like explore “the wide map, and do quests to unlock more skins and silly accessories,” Alex Perry wrote in Mashable.

The metaverse should be a vector for huge bursts of laughter. It should seem like anything is possible,” Luke Winkle stated in his article.

In the race to consolidate a metaverse, different companies with different perspectives compete, from Epic Games, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft. Epic Games bets on the metaverse and bets on “Fortnite” as the heart of its strategy. And, although what it is is still unknown, they all point to the same thing:

The metaverse, according to analysts, is an evolution of the Internet; a virtual world where all companies can coexist. Where people can socialize, trade, create, work and get paid that they can spend in real life,” the Zoom f7 video stated.

It is necessary to point out that Fortnite has multimillion-dollar financing with its updates because, although it is true that it is free, it earns profits through season passes, micro-transactions, and also advertising for different events.

“Fornite” has blurred the boundaries of what different companies ares and has put different characters from other companies in one place through skins or special events. And, finally, the interoperability of the platforms is sought.

With information from La Vanguardia, ZoomF7 and Levelup.

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Fortnite could be the beginning of the true metaverse: specialists say