Former colleagues tell what it is like to work with billionaires like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates

They built empires, they changed the world, their lives have always generated passion and curiosity. Today, close employees tell what it was like to work side by side with them and how they were like bosses: Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.

The life and work routines of billionaires fascinate those who yearn to understand their success. His eccentricities and rules of life are the subject of books, podcasts, and countless articles. How is working with them? Those who have experienced it up close can tell about it.

Some of the people who had the opportunity to collaborate with Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates, have shared their experience and told how they acted and what they learned from these magnates of the world of technology.

Bill Gates, detector of falsehood

Working with Bill Gates was an unforgettable experience from the first meeting”it states chris williams, ex-executive of Microsoft. In a meeting in 1992, Gates questioned Williams and his team about why his product was superior to Microsoft’s, after he bought it. Williams learned that this was Bill Gates’ way of identifying people’s sincerity and knowledge.

It highlights the curiosity and ability of Bill Gates to analyze large amounts of information and make decisions quickly. “He always showed curiosity and a tireless desire to understand the details. As he aged, his passion for detail remained, but his method softened.“, Explain.

other skill on the philanthropist I would be your ability to perceive falsehoodeven reaching the contempt for the employees: “he pushed with detailed questions to identify people who were making up answers instead of admitting they didn’t know something. Although in his early years he used personal insults, over time he stopped resorting to them”.

But also, Bill Gates could synthesize complex information and find structure in the midst of chaos. According to the testimony of the former Microsoft executive, in the project update meetings, he was able to quickly identify the key variables and make the right decisions. His vision of the big picture and the details allowed him to make clear and obvious decisions.

Although Williams admits that he never quite reached his skill level,He began to admire him and take advantage of his time with him for his own benefit. and the teams he led. The chance to work alongside Bill Gates and witness his rigorous approach and insight left a lasting impression on Williams.

Elon Musk funny if you were on his side

Carl Medlock He was hired by Tesla due to his experience as a technical expert managing high-end cars and dealerships. Regarding Elon Musk, he mentioned having seen him sleeping at a desk on one occasion. He was tempted to take a photo, which he did, but decided to delete it for fear of being fired. Describe Elon Musk as a normal person and not a celebrity.

The technician claims that working for him was fun if you were on his side, but that could also be intimidating. If you got any kind of small indication from him, it was a sign that you might be fired.

Elon Musk

The former employee highlights his boss’s knowledge of automobiles during his hiring process, describing him as disciplined and unsociable at work. He also mentions that Musk prioritized spending time with his family and that he didn’t allow interruptions when he was with them.

Finally, he mentioned that Musk was relentless when firing someone if you felt they had crossed the line. He did not tolerate confrontation and expected employees to follow his decisions without question..

Jeff Bezos, meetings at all hours

According to Colin Bryantvice president and chief of staff to Jeff Bezos at Amazon, brought the executive team together for four hours each week. This practice allowed leaders to better understand how to work together and deal with crises effectively. No matter your personal situation, you had to attend.

Also, Bezos emphasized building products that customers loved, so that they themselves became promoters of the brand. He recognized that the Internet is empowering consumers, so he believed that companies had to adapt to this change.

Jeff Bezos

Successful entrepreneurs are risk averse people and strive to use their resources efficiently. Additionally, invention and operational excellence are key to delivering a high level of customer service at low cost.Bryan explains.

According to Colin Bryar, Bezos constantly stressed the importance of maintaining an optimistic attitude and treating honest customers first. He believed in aligning the long-term interests of shareholders with the interests of customers.

For Bezos, “true value lies in how gifts and abilities are used, not in possessing them”. In this sense, Jeff Bezos was known for regularly audit important metricsanalyzing them in detail over and over again to constantly learn,

Ultimately, working with these billionaires not only provided an insider’s view of your success to your workers, but also the opportunity to learn from your unique skills and approaches. Their experiences and lessons shared by those who have worked with them are valuable to those who aspire to understand the business world and achieve success in their own careers.

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Former colleagues tell what it is like to work with billionaires like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates