Forget the stories: Advice from Mark Zuckerberg to his daughters before bed

  • Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most influential personalities in Silicon Valley, as demonstrated in a study by First Round Capital.

  • Much has been said about Mark Zuckerberg and the influence he has had on key activities as a businessman and opinion leader. Now we know how he influences him as the father of his two daughters

  • Mark Zuckerberg’s work inspiring people has also had its little-known facet, making controversial decisions.

mark zuckerberg is today one of the most controversial people in the market, both his influence and prominence that he has achieved in various areas, all this has helped him scale the Facebook business, which alone has been able to stand out in the market. The businessman is also admired for his lifestyle and details such as knowing how he says goodbye to his daughters before letting them fall asleep is an interesting case to understand what talent management is like in these personalities.

These stories are interesting lessons on how to understand our day-to-day life and somehow be inspired to think differently.have alternatives and most importantly, define better creative resources.

tales are a thing of the past

There are a number of powerful tips that the founder of Facebook always share with your daughters before you put them to sleep and boy do you know what you’re sharing with them is a great talent management idea.

So much maximum What august are now key personalities in the legacy of Zuckerberg within the digital world, having a future that does not disappoint, inheriting all the occurrences of their father, at some point in their lives.

This has led the founder of Facebook to change bedtime stories for advice based on a very important concept, which the creator of Meta wants them to be very clear about: money is not the most important thing in life.

When August’s father, four years old, and Máxima, five years old, was being interviewed on Lex Fridman’s podcast, he explained that he shares with his little ones at all times that there are important things in life that cannot be bought, so that should focus their goals.

“The first thing is health, staying in good shape. Second, friends and family; having time for these relationships is perhaps the most important thing in the world. And, finally, find what excites you most in the future; that, for many people, is very difficult, ”she explained in her interview.

Another thing that she always reminds her daughters of before going to bed is to ask them what action they did during the day to help someone.

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Forget the stories: Advice from Mark Zuckerberg to his daughters before bed